Ron Paul Surges to 24% in New Hampshire

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Ron Paul Surging in New Hampshire Following Top-Tier Finish in Iowa

New survey shows Paul with double the poll numbers of the third place candidate, solidifying Paul’s position as the ‘Anti-Romney’

Ron Paul is in second place in the key early voting state of New Hampshire with a remarkable 24% of the vote, according to a new Washington Times/Zogby Analytics Poll [crosstabs].

The poll, taken after the Iowa Caucuses, also shows Rick Santorum “leaping” to 11% (earning him a predictable Washington Times headline that ignores Paul’s surge), Newt Gingrich languishing at 9%, Jon Huntsman stagnating at 8% and Rick Perry barely registering at 1%.

“On the heels of his close third place finish at the Iowa Caucus, Ron Paul is polling a strong second place in New Hampshire. From here on out, it is a two-man race between Ron Paul and Mitt Romney given that one of the tickets out of Iowa was a dead-end due to Rick Santorum’s glaring lack of viability,” said Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton.

“There are only two campaigns that have the resources and infrastructure to win the Republican nomination – and one of those organizations belongs to Ron Paul,” added Mr. Benton.

The poll of 498 likely primary voters has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.5 percentage points and ten percent undecided, showing Dr. Paul with the potential to catch and surpass Mitt Romney and win the Granite State.

Photo by Gage Skidmore


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  • SophiaH

    IN Congress : Ron Paul: “We all should be in the free speech business” / 3:51 / GREAT WORDS AGAIN !

    Ron Paul: “We all should be in the free speech business”

  • KirkHemelberg

    FOX: Diebold Electronic Vote Fraud Confirmed—-Bev Harris confirms this: —- Raymond Lemme (deceased) tried to warn us too:

  • KirkHemelberg
  • Phil Velders

    I have three voting age children living with me, we have agreed to use old fashioned “Family Politics” and unitedly support Dr. Paul! that’s FOUR votes instead of one, as without direction or awareness, my children might not vote at all. Can we ALL get our families together and get those old enough to vote to accompany us to the voting stations and make RON PAUL our new President?!

    • wiggles

      @Phil Velders

      That is agreat idea- I am asking all my family to vote for him and all my friends and anyone who will listen- WE CAN DO THIS TOGETHER- VOTE RON PAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SophiaH


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  • raveen nanayakkara

    Did Jon Hutntsman Attack Himself….what a stupid clip to put on this site! Stick to your core principles Paul and Paul’s supporter’s. How can this clip possibly help your election bid?

    • Robert valdez

      @raveen nanayakkara

      I don’t know who did the ad, but the media often attacks Ron Paul by pointining out flaws in his supporters. When something stupid like this ad appears, the media will often try to run with the narrative that there is something wrong with all Ron Paul supporters. I don’t run this site, but I’ve seen Ron paul marginalized for odd things that he did not do before. ron pauls opponents have the authority to create money (or rather Federal Reserve Notes) out of thin air and that authority can buy the influence do lots of strange things.