Ron Paul Highlights at the ABC News – Yahoo – WMUR Republican Debate in New Hampshire

  • All Six of these “men” are scumbags period !

  • Read an economic textbook after the children are in bed!!!! I LOVE dr. Ron Paul!!!


  • I wish he did run in a third party ;(

  • 9:04
    Ron Paul has a history of saying false statements.

    Oh Newt like telling your 2 ex wives you’ll “love them forever”?

  • 14:08 – “The answer’s always the same.”


  • So this seems like a witch hunt to make RP look bad…. I dont know it just seems that way

  • Vote Ron Paul 2012!

  • Check out Americans Elect 2012. We can nominate Ron Paul for president ourselves

  • People, forget the media, forget their concept of “Nomination”. None of that means anything. Not when you can write in your vote. Just write it in! Period. Why do people feel that their name HAS to be on the ballot in order to run? Hasn’t it occurred to you all that maybe, just maybe the nominations are fixed? There is two ways to win back our constitution, having our voices heard, or shedding blood for the cause. You decide.

  • please tell me your joking. Not about who you’re going to vote for, but the reason why your voting the way you say you are. I mean, you have to be aware of the write in process…right?

  • Fellow Ron Paul supporters, there is still a chance to elect Paul and it is called “Americans Elect” Check out the website. It will liberate you once and for all

  • So true! There is still a way Paul can win and that is via “Americans Elect”
    Check it out!

  • I love how Santorum, the trained Liar (excuse me Lawyer) tries to get out of the corner he has been put in by Paul. I love seeing a Lawyer squirm for a change

  • Gingrich: Lets go to iran and launch a pre-emptive strike on Iran, Paul doesnt know what hes talking about
    Paul: Umm im a veteran, and iv been in afghanistan and the middle east, I know what im talking about
    Romney: I dont really know the actual rules in the Constitution and how it relates to contraception..
    Paul: Well ive been a constitutionalist for 40 years and a doctor for 30 years, hmmm
    Perry: ” We need someone who isnt a Washington insider”
    Paul: Umm. Im the only non washington insider

  • its so obvious that ron paul will win !
    and if he doesnt win… i have made up 3 reasons why he wouldnt
    ( 1 ) Fraud !
    ( 2 ) Americans love violence !! not in a direct way of war but some form of it
    ( 3 ) believing in a manner that bigger better and stronger is the ONLY way to go

    they need to go back to the basic understanding that every1 and everything is equal and some dont wish to see it but its a personal selfresponsible act to yourself.