Ron Paul Highlights at the ABC News – Yahoo – WMUR Republican Debate in New Hampshire

  • Ron Paul – so loveable


  • warning there is a high pitched glare sound over ron paul

  • The American Navy Saving Iranian Fisherman from Somalian Pirates

    What would have Ron Paul’s response to Rick Santorum have been when Rick Santorum said there would have been no U.S. Navy there to save them had Ron Paul been President because of his non-interventionist stance? Ron Paul didn’t get to answer!!

  • warning there is a huge age specific glare on ron paul

  • Yes the children can hear that glare.

  • These hosts seemed to be more interested in the throwing of dirt than in-depth debate on issues, which is what I would rather see at this stage.


  • Santorum sucks The devil’s dick and everyone knows it.

  • 12:34 is very telling. Romney acknowledges Ron Paul as the Constitutionalist. That says a lot. Then the rest of these clowns, who will search Americans without warrant, detain them without charge and assainate American Citizens, chuckle. They think the Constitution is ok for a political soundbite, but they have no intention of following it, and they think it is funny that someone actually thinks you have rights. They are really chuckling at Americans for believing we have rights

  • I’m glad the Ron Paul got a chance to talk for more than a minute! Good job ABC

  • Listening to Rick makes the little bunnies run around in my head.. and like going round and round and round and round…. fak.. he’s full of ssssshhhhhhhiiiiiiiiitttttttttttt.. Ron Paul has been saying the same thing.. for 30 years.. this election is so important everyone should go look for themselves. ..

  • Did any here watch the full debate? Did Ron Paul Pawned!!! I’d notice that Grinch was 37% and Ron Paul(Saviour of America) had 31%

  • And 2 mins later after his yapping he gets pwnd by a certain Dr Ron Paul. ggkthxbye

  • Ron Paul is the BOSS of United States of America!!!!

  • Santorum is very shaky here, looks like he’s gonna get pwnd

  • I feel sorry for America, you will get someone in the White House that will give exactly the same that you had for the last 20 years.

    I wish that you would open your eyes and vote Ron Paul, but the other candidates are too smoth talkers.

  • Scortrum fulll with shitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  • the audio is fucked

  • Best performance in a debate from Ron Paul by far was this. Every individual debate he got in during the overall debate he won with untold ease. Romney deferred an answer to him that he couldn’t answer and he nailed it, also nailed the inevitable newsletter question. The best win was that comeback against Gingrich…..”I wasn’t eligible!” Ron Paul was!!!! And the best, as we all seem to be noticing, was his answer at the end-Guns, Football, Football, Football….ECONOMIC TEXTBOOK! Hilarious!!

  • I checked out CREW. There are Democrats and Republicans on their list. It has to do with special favors from donors. Maxine Waters is on their list. Santorum os lying.