Ron Paul Highlights at the ABC News – Yahoo – WMUR Republican Debate in New Hampshire

  • a giant douche turd sandwich or Dr Ron Paul


  • Santorum is a joke!

  • Santorum is a joke!





  • No one should be allowed to run for president if they dont know the constitution and actually understand it.

  • Does newt go to the same hair dresser as Donald Trump?

  • Santorum doesnt love this country, he loves what the country does for him. Lines his pockets.

  • Are you serious? They are messing with his mic with feedback? I highly doubt a sound engineer would be under qualified and hired for this gig.

  • Kudos to RP for mentioning that contraception is a right founded in the right to privacy –see Griswold v. Connecticut, 381 U.S. 479 (1965). Abortion is also founded in this right (emanating from other rights based on privacy, such as the 4th Amendment right against unreasonable searches and seizures). When I was questioned in law school if I was against abortion, I declared that it was founded upon the right to privacy, and fuck anyone who wants to take a privacy right away.

  • Ron Paul finished in 2nd place with 24% of the votes. They will kick his ass in South Carolina and Florida. I can’t wait lol

  • Omg Rick I didn’t vote for you senate because of your calling Pennsylvania a “state”. It’s a “common wealth” trust me these Philly tickets keep reminding me

  • Mitt Romney is the projected winner of the New Hampshire caucus.

  • Current results of the new hampshire caucus Mitt Romney in first place with 37% of the votes and Ron paul in 2nd place with 24% of the votes go mitt lol beat the old man lol

  • I don’t think this was one of his better debates…

  • Lol at gingrich trying to come off as an ordinary guy by saying how much he wants to watch the basketball, way to get your sport wrong there

  • Early votes are in for the New Hampshire caucus Romeny leads with 37% and Ron paul with 26% go mitt! lol

  • Ron Paul answering Romney’s question smh RP 2012

  • So that asshole on 2:06 is going to be the republican candidate, huh?

    I hope he does, because I like war, I like it when US are bombing countries and are fucking up the worlds economy, I’m not affected by any of it – for me its entertainment. Obama can win too, same shit – different wrapping.