Ron Paul Highlights at the ABC News – Yahoo – WMUR Republican Debate in New Hampshire

  • To be honest Paul doesn’t really make a great impression on me. It’s hard to like the man because he is rhetorically unpolished. Hopefully people can look past that and realize that the policies is all that really matters, and when it comes to that Ron Paul is the man.


  • perry shut up

  • Did Obama serve? How can someone who did not serve send someone to war….ask the military who they want to be CIC

  • You can see all the candidates facial expressions saying “Shut up, Ron, godamnit!”

    Liars hate truth

  • Rick Perry cant string two sentences together

  • “At least I served when called” veteran Ron Paul slams Gingrich 🙂

  • Eurrgghhhhh Santorum with the huddling around with my family watching football. So slimy!

  • I believe Ron Paul first politican I truely beleive

  • I love the end, Ron Paul would be reading an economic text book….love it.

  • Anyone else think Newt is just staying in the race to smear Ron Paul?

  • Last nights debate pissed me off for many reasons 1: the lack of time they gave Dr Paul, it is bullshit, 2: Rick Perry really needs to stfu, 3: Anyone else catching on that some of these other candidates are generically copying some of Ron Pauls platform? Don’t fall for that bullshit Ron Paul is the real deal, these other fools are just pretenders. 4: I watched this on yahoo and they had poll questions and i swear the poll questions were all biased against Ron Paul.

  • Moonlight Bunny Ranch for Ron Paul! lol

  • Ron Paul is saying very clearly: I am reserving the right to see if you guys are going to see the light or not…We need to let these other guys know now you will be vote less if you fail to depart from corporatism and they be reminded they swore an oath to up hold the constitution! We want you to address the real issue that we have inside this nation and that is corruption and greed! Start sending these other candidates E-Mails and get on them we need to work them from both angles!

  • Ron Paul is a occupy GOP protester!

  • It seems everyone was against Paul in this debate

  • Say it like it is, Paul. Don’t hold back. Good job! We love ya!

  • I’m flabbergasted that the hucksters competing with Ron Paul are getting votes at all. What is coming to America??? Wake me up when this nightmare is over.

  • Good job Ron Paul..Wish you a landslide victory

  • watch?v=XKfuS6gfxPY&feature=pyv check that out very good Ron Paul video from the PAC