Watch the Full ABC/WMUR New Hampshire Debate with Ron Paul

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Participants: Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum

  • Ade

    Good luck in New Hampshire Mr President.

  • unijmata

    I love Ron Paul…. i always have and always will.. this is the first time i have seen him in a full/live debate.. perhaps because this is my first, maybe i’m speaking too soon, but every opportunity to get votes and to change minds and to inform must be taken full advantage of. That being said.. Ron Paul needs to interject, interrupt.. raise his hand.. grab attention. You see Santorum, Gingrich, Romney and even Huntsman getting the attention of the moderators… there were some questions that ROn Paul should’ve answered, where he should’ve spoken, because he is an expert in that area, but he didn’t SAY ANYTHING.. he needed to interject.. he seems so meek and so timid.. as opposed to Romney. FOr the educated.. for those that know.. we won’t be fooled by ROmney’s responses because we know his record.. however.. the projection of confidence.. the way it seemed like he commanded that debate.. is really damaging to the Ron Paul campaign.. Paul needs to step up in these debates. Unfortunately, people respond to confidence, to appearances.. and Ron Paul didn’t look that great against Romeny.. so Paul needs to compensate by him speaking up, answering those questions he needs to ask.. and also point out the bias of the moderators.. NO ONE ELSE GOT ASKED THAT STUPID QUESTION ABOUT THE THIRD PARTY.. he was the ONLY one. What a waste of time.. he needs to point this out.

    • pw

      Hey I got that take as well. too timid. He needs to exude confidence, and knowledge. Pray he does soon. @unijmata

  • freedlsonfour

    Ron Paul is a leader in a re-movement in America. A re-movement to re-find the real America. And like the Founders who started America, Ron Paul should be dubbed a “Re-Founder”.

  • EShade

    I love it how all the candidates are changing their tune. Now that they see that Ron Paul’s message is being heard and accepted with the American people the other candidates are talking about constitutional rights and tax cuts and spending cuts. They will tell you exactly what you want to hear to get into office. Sadly they will pull the wool over some peoples eyes.

    • cukester


      Yes exactly,just look at there records.Ron Paul’s record stands for itself.

  • Kid x

    i love how these jack asses are all using ron’s terminology now, you’re not ron, you’re cheap crooks.

  • EShade

    Santorum your a jack ass…. End of discussion!!!!

  • GoughLewis

    I am going to vote for Ron Paul. They gave him 3 min in a 90 debate. Final straw. The constitution is under attack or nearly dead.

    Well At least Ron Paul Won the debate according to every poll other that Fox News or CNN hahah!

  • cukester

    All we have to do now is pray that the voting system isn’t to far gone because we know who most of America is voting for.

  • memah4432

    Poll just released showing Paul and Gingrich as winners of tonights debate

  • terraslayer

    Ron Paul has been a one-man wrecking crew in this primary. He needs to target Mitt Romney and put himself as front-runner.

    • pw

      I agree with you Terraslayer @terraslayer

      • GoughLewis

        @[email protected] They gave Mittens’s 30 minutes in the ABC debate vs the good Doctor Ron Paul’s “3 minutes” of air time.

        eDisgusting, Predictable, weird and wrong…. BUT, according to ALL the data polls other than Fox News and CNN…Ron Paul Won the polls!

        Cool, hahaaaaa… I think the American People are not as stupid as assumed.

        God they are trying to get this banking raider in office, yes I am talking about Mitt Romney, and they outright fear Ron Paul getting into office. Hey how do you think Mitt Romney “earned” his $138 million dollars in pocket change…. By being a great leader? Working for it? Wall Street Crook, and a record to prove it.

        I am not implying that Mitt Romney deserves anymore or less jail time than the average Wall Street Corporate Raiders who ransacked America. My only thought about Corporate Raiders like Mitt Romney is simple… Don’t hire this pig as President of the United States of America, obviously.

        Ron Paul as The President of The United States of America.. A lot of the Corporate Raiders like “Mitts” Romney very well might go to jail.

        • pw

          Y Know I’m 67 yrs old and have seen a lot of fake people in the white house but Dr. Paul is not one. I talk to a good number of people in a days time and if i can steer conversation to the merits or Dr. Paul i do. Have pulled several minds out of the muck and myer of being a mind numbed robot. the present leader may have put us too far into the wwo … Hope it’s not too late. @GoughLewis @pw @terraslayer

  • terraslayer

    The media still puts Romney as frontrunner. lol

  • Wish Bachmann was still in the race; she’d take votes from Gingrich and Santorum. It’s a good thing that there are so many candidates – Paul isn’t really a target for them but Romney is so most of the heat stays off of him. They’re doing the work for Paul and for us!

  • pw

    watching mainstream to know what the enemy is up to. ans it is still no good/

  • pw

    paul not given chance to respond to santorum. The questions are stacked and munipulated

  • pw

    cmon ask Ron about the iraque thing. He will tell you the truith.

  • pw

    we went to afganistan to get bin ladin…we did… why are we still there??

    • tomza99


      Bin Laden was already dead for a long time. This was again a big mainstream blame for blinding mainstream poeple…

      • cukester

        @tomza99 @pw I tend to agree with you on that one.i don’t want to but the way the whole thing went down,was very shady.

    • cukester

      @pw we’re still there because the CIA needs control over the poppi fields.thats where 99% of the goodies come from.

  • ProudTEX

    “lets leave constitution question alone here.” ABC stated – they know Ron Paul is the champion and can tear them apart in this subject.

    Ron Paul – 2012

    • cukester

      @ProudTEX the only reason they talk about the Constitution is because of Paul.if they had a choice that docu

  • pw

    why are we talking about gay marriage when we are killing thousands of soldiers over seas. Too much distractions from a lot of larger problems that should be addressed.

    • cukester

      @pw my sediments exactly.I wish everybody thought like that we wouldn’t in the crisis where in now.

  • ProudTEX

    Instead of ABC asking question that really matter, they ask Ron Paul did you say that?, would you say it again? Very childish questions.

    I loved it when Ron responded when Gingrich stated he had a child but Ron Paul had two children when he was drafted and made Gingrich feel a real sissy and chickenhawk.

    Ron Paul -2012

    • EShade

      @ProudTEX Exactly….

  • philoec

    Ready to listen and support the right candidate, Ron Paul!!