Ron Paul: I Went

Ron Paul and Rand Paul in the 1960s (click to enlarge)


  • Gingrich is nuts

  • You can tell Ron Paul is very emotional about this issue. About time we had a presidential candidate who respects our military personnel instead of the Gingrichs that see them as expendable pawns.

  • Newt got Ron Pauled just like Rudy did. They should think twice before they try to denigrate the good doctor. Now they just look like fools.

  • Newt just got owned, Ron Paul style!


    Ron, I will vote for you whether you win the primaries or not. No matter what.

    🙂 peace and love, America.

  • ScrappyDoo

    Maybe he should just quit lying about that. Agreed?

    You know, if he was worried about the draft, that would have to mean that he took deferments all through his undergrad and med school years. Then, when he graduated, those deferments ran out. He went into the AF because he didn’t want to be drafted. That’s fine. A lot of people did stuff like that.

    But then he went and sent our soldiers to Afghanistan. Nope, he sent them anywhere in the world the executive branch wanted to send them. Who’s the chickenhawk here? The guy who took deferments through college and med school then joined the peace time Chair Force? The guy who voted for nearly unlimited warmaking powers for the president? That guy? Or the pudgy adulterer?

    • ScrappyDoo

      “RP voted for unlimited warmaking powers for the president?”

      Yup. it’s called the September 14th resolution. RP himself has called it unconstitutional, so go argue with him. Keep in mind that he still voted for it, despite its unconstitutionality.

      The draft existed from 1942 until 1973. Plenty of people were drafted at the time you say no one was supposedly drafted. I had a history teacher who was drafted in the 50’s. Elvis was drafted in the 50’s. So if you think the draft didn’t exist until the Cuban Missile crisis, you’re wrong.

    • CharlesSicher


      You were beat up allot as a kid weren’t you ? You have that Mark Zuckerburg smugness about you, I can visualize you opening your mouth and getting knocked on your ass. Don’t take it personal, its a genetic defect you were born with.

    • @ScrappyDoo – “He went into the AF because he didn’t want to be drafted. That’s fine. A lot of people did stuff like that.”

      During World War Two, a great many American men who were involuntarily conscripted saw that the draftee roles were both demeaning and likely to be nothing but “cannon fodder,” and so many of them took pains to volunteer for what were much more dangerous billets.

      One of my uncles who volunteered for parachute infantry training (and made the 1945 drop on Corregidor in the Philippines) told me that he had no confidence at all that he’d survive the war, but by 1943 had come to the conclusion that if he went into the fighting as a “leg” infantryman, he was VERY likely to get killed as the result of the ineptitude of the low-grade idiots who were being packed into such units.

      The airborne troops, however, cherry-picked the very best. If he wer to get himself wounded or killed, it would be due to ENEMY action without the considerable assistance of stupidity on his own side.

      That’s very much the motivation of “volunteers” in a condition of compulsory conscription.

      Better a “volunteer” medical officer in the U.S. Air Force than one of the draftee doctors filling the ranks of the U.S. Army Medical Corps.

      As those of us with such experience can readily attest.

    • carlc55

      hdee – this ___________ (fill in the blank with what ever adjective you feel fits) is a troll from way back. Spouts nothing but nonsense. No use in even responding to his blather.

  • newt why go right in and trash ron by calling him a liar?come on atleast he went to war when they called him, and he had a wife and two kids and then you come out with saying that “i wasn’t eligible for the draft” please………. what makes you any diffrent from ron besides that he cares for this country and he’s willing to make a change.

  • ScrappyDoo

    So, in other words, he wasn’t drafted.

    • ScrappyDoo

      Gotcha. But he wasn’t drafted into the army as a private. Because he volunteered to get out of it. He wasn’t drafted.

    • ScrappyDoo

      “It’s pointless to argue with you since you’re either purposely missing the point or just can’t follow the logic.”

      No, it’s pointless to argue with me because the truth is not on your side. He wasn’t drafted. No one in the AF was drafted. Don’t lecture me about thinking “critically” You should do the same about your hero.

      You don’t even understand what a “deferment” is. Defer is to postpone. It puts off your service. Students were allowed unlimited deferments until 1969. All they had to do was keep going to school. After 1969, students were allowed one four year deferment for undergrad studies and then no more.

      Ron Paul deferred his service all through his college years, and then they ran out. Same with Romney and Gingrich. Paul then received a draft notice telling him he was to be inducted into the Army as a private. He didn’t want to do that, so he avoided the draft by volunteering for the AF. I probably would have done the same thing, but I would later tell the truth and tell people that I was not a conscript.Conscripts did dirty work and they never wore air force blue.

      So Romney, Gingrich, and Paul all got deferments galore. It was a question of when those deferments ran out. Paul’s ran out in 1963, so he joined the AF for two years. No shame in it, but he doesn’t have much license for chest-beating. He’s no Rambo. Paul and Gingrich’s deferments ran out much later.

      You know lots of people WERE drafted. They were always enlisted men, usually grunts, and they saw a lot of mud and blood. They were not captains in the AF. That’s the difference between a consript and Congressman Paul.

    • @ScrappyDoo – “Simple put, if he didn’t volunteer in the air force he would have been drafted as a private in the Army.”

      Not at all. Dr. Paul would have been drafted into the Army as a medical officer in the grade of O-3 (“Captain”), as were so many of us who served in that capacity during the Vietnam UnWar.

      Not even the U.S. Army is institutionally stupid enough to waste a trained surgeon as a private soldier in the enlisted ranks.

    • foroneandforalll


      Paul said “When I was called”. He did get his draft letter.My husband got his Draft Letter..(He was called to serve) and he enlisted in the Navy. So, it’s a yes and no. He was sent his draft notification, (being called) and no, he was not drafted.

    • carlc55

      SD you are 100% technically correct in that he did not enter US military sevice via the draft.

      He did (according to him) receive a notice from the draft board to report for induction. Prior to that date he voluteered for duty in the US Air Force, thus making his draft notice, and subsequent induction, moot (since you can not be inducted in to the military if you are already part of the military). Does that help your pee brain understand it any better? (I seriously doubt it).

  • Notice poor indignant Newt goes right into trashing Paul, in effect calling him a liar, but then Dr. Paul spoke. Then Newt’s story changes to: “I wasn’t eligible for the draft”
    That’s because he’s full of you know what. In this video, we see he quickly changed his “story” in less than a minute! Sorry Newt, but Dr. Paul exposed you for the lying hypocrite that you are. Truth always wins out.

  • keep these newt joked coming! lmao

  • if you have two legs and breath in your lungs, you are eligible for the draft.

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  • Newt found out what it’s like to have a Rudy moment. Next it’s Mitt’s turn.

  • The bloated pig was left squealing like a stuck pig.

  • that big’ol turkey got owned

  • Newt is a lier. His defensive attitude justifies what Ron Paul said about him. The fact that Newt also gave two different reasons to why he “couldn’t” go to war also justifies Ron Paul

  • Yeah Ron Paul Basically Owned Right Here…


  • Newt Gingrich is a giant bitch