Ron Paul: I Went

Ron Paul and Rand Paul in the 1960s (click to enlarge)


  • I respect the Doc so fucking much. He’s like an awesome Grandpa who knows how to be firm but caring at the same time. He’s got the best characteristics of leadership between the rest of them…

  • STFU, Chickenhawk Gingrish. No one gives a fuck.

  • 5 times MORE likes than VIEWS!!! AMAZING!

  • I like the way Dr. Paul stands firm after he says what he says at the end. Like a proud American Soldier. nice.

  • 32 seconds of Newt’s bullshit sob story burned down with 6 seconds of one of the most powerful honest heartfelt answers I have ever heard.

  • I love this video too much. I have to stop watching it cause it makes me feel too much. wow.

  • Ron Paul got so much respect after that awesome awesome response wow. “When I was drafting I was married had two kids and I went” what a powerful response!! Go Dr. Paul. we love you man.

  • I remember Paul said 100 yr wars are ridiculous and unsustainable then that mutant McCain Said “Let Our Boys WIN!” you can’t win a fucking 100 yr war in Afghanistan it’s impossible, you fat globalist piece of trash. The troops support Ron Paul 100%

  • Gingrich says Paul says inaccurate things then continues to lie 3 more times by the end of his sentence

  • As the day gets longer Pauls peeps get stronger!

  • I never thought I would see the day that young people would beat Howard Dean’s Campaign in New Hampshire. I saw people marching in unison last year at 100 year anniversary of Triangle shirt waste fire.The love you have for this movement and Dr.Ron Paul is a thing of beauty.Young people are teaching the world not to hate,not to discriminate,not to lie,Most important the generation that never learned to let go of racial prejudice Ron Paul has made them realize their racial hatred and face

  • fuck u gingrich don’t insult paul

  • OWNEDDDD on national TV!! man! gingrich is a tard

  • Ron Paul. Like a BOSS.


  • gingich uses
    ”chickening out but my dad went”
    its not effective..
    ron paul uses
    ”i went with 2 kids waiting for me…
    gingrich faints.

  • “Telling people the truth about someone’s past is negative campaigning. i prefer lieing about the future,just like Obama did” Newt Gingrich(parody)

  • You wouldn’t leave your wife for your country but you sure as hell would leave her for your mistress.

  • This debate did not go well. He skates around his talking points over and over, and isn’t elucidating his ideas hard enough. he needs to show people how voting for him will profit voters on a personal level. He needs to calm down, lower his voice and befriend the audience.

  • Owned!!!