Ron Paul: I Went

Ron Paul and Rand Paul in the 1960s (click to enlarge)


  • Newt learned the lesson of not messing with Dr. Paul the hard way.

  • Ron Paul is the only politician I believe. All of the others, including Obama are liars.

  • Newt wouldn’t leave his wife and kids for Vietnam, for a younger mistress sure, but not Nam.

  • Newt doesn’t have a chicken leg to stand on.

    VOTE RON PAUL 2012


  • …Newt = Draft Dodger, but no problem sending other peoples kids off to unwinable wars.
    Ron Paul2012

  • RON PAUL… THE BOSS… 2012

  • owned

  • Wow, what a piece of shit Newt Gingrich is; Ron Paul annihilated Chickenhawk with one sentence. Absolutely amazing work Dr. Ron Paul.

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  • He had to pause at the end just to say this in his mind “IN YO FACE!”

  • I’m from Bosnia and everyone loves Ron Paul here America make the right choice vote for this man….

  • I could not understand what Gingrich said in end 0:40 ???????

  • What the hell is Chickenhawk (Gingrich) saying again !!!!! 0:40

  • I love listening to Gingrich’s bombastic rant for the first 30 seconds, knowing that Paul is about to absolutely own him with one sentence.

  • I should be going to bed, but I can’t get enough of Ron Paul!

  • I have successfully converted my entire family to Ron Paul supporters after showing them this video. TO THE POLLS, AND TO VICTORY MY FELLOW SUPPORTERS OF LIBERTY!

  • It’s amazing that Ron just destroyed Newt with one sentence. Sure you weren’t eligible for the draft were you Newt? Quit making excuses. Get Ron in the white house, the only real american hero and not a chicken hawk.

  • That’s Dr. Paul for you. Blow up the inflated lie with a sharp truth!!
    Nuff said.

  • Look at that fat motherfucker trying to make an excuse.