Ron Paul: I Went

Ron Paul and Rand Paul in the 1960s (click to enlarge)


  • Mitt is a Fat Coward who is a Bully

  • Newtered

  • UK for Ron Paul 2012

  • Occupy the White House, Ron Paul 2012!

  • Occupy the White House, Ron Paul 2012!

  • LOL… for moments I thought he was married WITH a child.

    I was like “WTF?? Oh…..”

  • Vote for Ron Paul on drudgereport. com!!!!!

  • Newt is a disgusting bloated draft dodger


  • Fucking pwnt.

  • So now Ron Paulites like veterans? I thought we were all goose stepping baby killers that need to “wake up.” Oh that’s right, were only all of the above when we don’t follow up every comment with ‘RON PAUL 2012.’

  • ron paul ftw. VOTE PEOPLE!!!!

  • Death stare.

  • “I won’t serve in the military, but I’ll gladly send your children to die in any unconstitutional, undeclared war!!” = chickenhawk

  • i wasn’t eligible for the draft, because i was scared.

  • I wish I was in Dixie!

    The South was right, Deo Vindice.

    Under God our vindicator.

    Now that America is lost and almost spent, you want to come back to your roots. Will you shame those of us who never lost our roots? Time will tell.

  • It will be either Ron Paul or Obama, you pick… No other repub candidate will be able to beat Obama. There will be zero crossover from democrat, few independents, no liberals either.

    Ron Paul will have all those plus the republican base if he is the nominee, which results in a landslide win over Obama. See what I’m saying???

  • Newt Gingrich is a fat bitch who couldn’t even FIT into an Army uniform!!

  • “I wasn’t eligible for the draft” = epic fail. Ron Paul 2012!

  • newt owned again