Ron Paul: I’m Running to Win!

  • RON PAUL is the ONLY candidate in the Republican/Democrat party who has COMMON SENSE.


  • You can’t win the presidency with only white male votes. The GOP is on the fast track to a severe defeat at this rate.

  • when he was talking about the tumor thing…. i was like “hell yeah!”

  • Ru Paul 2012!

  • Ok people here it is. Just youtube this” 5 reasons why i don’t support Ron Paul and who i do support”.

  • Why do so many Ron Paul videos haves EXACTLY 301 VIEWS?!

  • Wallace is such a slimy little neoconservative whore

    Ron Paul better be elected President by you Americans, so the world can finally enter an era of greatness never before seen on the planet!

    The chain reaction of Liberty by his presidency will be spread all over the world…allowing for a CAPITALIST REVOLUTION!

  • fxuyvtr02

    This is a pretty good interview. I hope a lot of people watch it.

  • ron paul is to intelligent and honest to be president i fear

  • ron is what this country needs he can make a change

  • if you follow ron he is doing good but the media is not showing him to the people as much. why is that? cause they dont want the goverment to change,iv’e been watching the news and if you notice the media has skipped ron a lot when they talk about the people running like,right now in the begining the guy didnt even let ron finish he jumped right in like let the man talk what happend to every man is considered equall you should not ignore paul if anything listen to what he has to say.

  • I think a good answer to the question about property rights when they say, “Should a business be able to deny a black person to come in?'” would be, “I think if a black owned business did not want a KKK member coming in, they should have the right to refuse them entry.” Maybe people could understand that, because the question implies a white against black racial undertone and when turned upside down makes people think “Oh yeah! Duh.”

    Plus, true business owners only see one color: green.

  • Ron, you’ve won already. People know real.

  • We will support you the whole Fannie way Dr Paul, keep on trucking.
    Disabled Veterans for Ron Paul 2012

  • Ron Paul is the most right wing person to run for president in recent years. As in the Old Right. Come on Ron. Make your son your running mate and school Romney into next year.

  • Ron Paul is great and I’m certain he will run as a independent if necessary, but he’s so nice he still believes there is some good left in the Republican Party. Yeah right? lol

  • ask yourself why in your democracy over 50% of the population for over 40 years has been voting for higher taxes, higher prices, a very generous corporate welfare system and less and less gov accountability.

  • Notice how every question is an attack on him? They never ask him about his policies or ask fair questions.

  • am i the only one that is seeing what’s going on?. have you wonderd why the us gov seems so concerned about feerdom in iraq yet you turn the tv on and see some guy sitting in a park with a OWS sign in his hands and 6 cops jump on him and beat him to a pulp. have any of you asked yourselves why a cop in NY can take a big can of mase and just hose down a crowed of people that are not criminals comitting a crime.