Ron Paul: I’m Running to Win!

  • Who is this dushbag interviewing Ron Paul… trying his hardest to make him sound like a racist… fuck media


  • If Ron Paul will lower the rent, then he’s got my vote. Why? Because The Rent Is too DAMN High!

  • Chris Wallace panders to the lowest common denominator, to try and manipulate people.

    Panders to xenophobia due to “austrian” economics. (ooo that be big, scary-word.)
    Ooo “creative destruction.” Randomly selected economic scary-word. Must be bad.

    Spouts out the usual ” fringe can’t win” childishness with asking the Same, Exact, Question for the 10th time on the third party line bit and election strategy.

    Ooo Constitution. Back a century.

    If he got run over by a truck I’d laugh. He’s a turd.

  • I’m going to be blunt; if you don’t believe or like the constitution, then you are not American. Ron Paul is a throw back of our forefathers that brings common sense and stability to our great nation on every level. It is hard for me to understand how anyone could not like him. Please feel free to debate from a non industrial war complex, anti – American standpoint and I might listen to you. Other than that, go back to watching the Kardashian’s.

  • His campaign kind of confirms what I already suspected: internet success does not translate well into real success.

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  • Ron Paul for president!

  • African Americans for Ron Paul <3

  • Great job Dr

  • Ron Paul has the only followers that can think for themselves! Everyone else including Obama’s people are dedicated to an illusion! Ron Paul is the real CHANGE!!!

  • Ron Paul can beat O’bama that is a sure thing…

  • Master piece 6:08 to 6:18, they other guy was speechless! Bravo

  • Ron Paul has our vote for 2012, come on people now band together and try to love one another right now right now right now…Hippies for Ron Paul 2010 Peace out

  • i cant help but agree with this man

  • North Korea for Ron Paul!

  • zionist media manipulate american freedom of freespeech

  • Someboady should kill one of those anchors of CNN or FOX to gain publicity!
    Just a thought…

  • honestly this is what i think. no one hate me this is just my opinion

    First, everyone says they are going to bring the troops home.
    and in the end none does.
    then they say all this other shit and do the complete opposite.
    honestly its a little annoying.
    every election year we always hear “I Will Bring The Troops Home!”
    next thing you know they are not home in their 4 years of office.
    i mean i understand that being a president has to be stressful i`m not hating Obama for being stressed out.

  • Finally, an interview that lets Ron Paul express his view on everyone chastising him about him and the Civil Rights Act. also Ron Paul for President!!!

  • if ron paul doesn’t win the nomination, i will be forced to vote for obama