Ron Paul: I’m Running to Win!

  • It’s unfortunate he has to explain things like an elementary school teacher to get people to understand such simple things.

    “What? Basic logic and freedom?? He’s a racist!!”

  • he tries so hard to help you understand. but if you dont you may never get a chance too.

  • Google “Ron Paul money bomb”, donate, Ron Paul 2012.

  • Watch people!! Here comes another lie from tnoyy34rt. He is a troll…

  • Peter Schiff for vice president!

  • Ron Paul the last man of integrity and honesty, vote for the people, not Goldman Sachs, vote for the troops, not more wars and unlimited spending. Vote Ron Paul 2012 and beyond!!

  • Is a Moderate a party now? I pretty sure only register republican voter can in the primary.

  • Micro-Economics isn’t a specialization, you’re talking about Econ 201, the first and basic course of economics, which a large percentage of a college graduates take. You’re not an economics graduate, I caught you in a lie. Looking at your arguments, you probably graduated with some bullshit “liberal sciences” degree, if you graduated.

  • First off, all of these so called polls are made by the Mass Media Propaganda Machine, so if you believe their percents and polls on anything, you get what ever you deserve. Critical thinking is always important when listening to their agenda, because their agenda is not the American peoples agenda in any way what so ever. The VNS does the same thing at election time, early results are posted, and it is controlled by them also, they own the VNS, it’s ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, AP Wire and now FOX.

  • This is it!! Ron Paul 2012!!

  • If we believe that Nazis still have the right to profess their beliefs out in public than why don’t we permit them to place restrictions on their businesses? The civil rights movement was just used as an advantage for the government to expand it’s control. People should be made to understand equality through public debates and rational coercion, not government intervention…listen to this man…your weapons will backfire on you soon if you don’t. What seems to serve your interests now may late

  • If your individual freedoms get taken away daily with things like the NDAA, your individual voice is getting smaller!!

  • Ron Paul has challenged all the other candidates to a 20 mile bike ride in 100 degree heat! NOT ONE CANDIDATE took him up on the deal. Newt, unfortunately is one hamburger away from a heart attack. Mitt Romney probably has cancer from all his hair gel and hair spray!

  • 4000 babies were delivered by ron paul