Watch the Full NBC News, Facebook and Union Leader Debate in New Hampshire

GOP “Meet the Press” debate, 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM Eastern from the Chubb Theatre at the Capitol Center for the Arts in Concord, NH. Sponsored by NBC News, Facebook and the Union Leader.

Participants: Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum

Watch the Ron Paul highlights here.

Full Debate Part 1:

Part 2:

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  • Archduke Franz Ferdinand

    I how they took more time smearing each others serial hypocrisy than they did letting Ron Paul explain his positions. Funny how there are people who STILL don’t understand Dr. Paul’s policy’s yet they STILL spend more time on Perry… I don’t even know why Perry’s there, what a clown… To me he comes across as nothing more than a distraction. The whole shit slinging and smearing contest between Gingrich, Romney, Santorum and Huntsman was a distraction too and a waste of every Constitution loving American’s time. As an American I deserve and demand better. There’s a reason MSM doesn’t want Ron to actually EXPLAIN his positions. It’s because if he does they will actually MAKE SENSE. MSM doesn’t like that, truth is not good for them. How many MSM employees do you believe would lose their jobs after RP got elected? RP isn’t good for the status quo. He’s going to expose those responsible for the Corruption in the Govt. and MSM… of course they are afraid of him. He would be their undoing. They’d have to get REAL JOBS. Hope those American’s who are still asleep wake up soon.

    Here’s something you all might like.

  • Archduke Franz Ferdinand

    Love how we spent more time listening to these hypocrites cover up their lies rather than actually hear Dr. Paul explain his positions… Btw, who the hell even cares what Huntsman has to say? What a clown. Sometimes I think he’s just there to distract people. I think that’s what alot of this was, a distraction… and a waste of my time. Fuck Corporate Owned MSM.

  • dwight

    Reince Priebus Chairman of the Republican National Committee spoke out yesterday on behalf of Dr. Paul.

  • sido_84

    Oh enough with those corrupt politicians .. no wonder Dr Paul could not pass as many laws as he wanted to.. its because Washinton IS FULL OF CORRUPT POLITICIANS ! DOH!

  • DavidFritch

    What do Fanny&Freddy and a LasVegas Casino Billionaire have in common???? They both gave millions to NEWT!!!

  • DavidFritch

    What to Fanny&Freddy and a LasVegas Casino Billionaire have in common???? They both gave millions to NEWT!!!

  • sido_84

    God I wish they will let Dr Paul speak a bit more. .. the others are a bunch of power freaks with millions of donations from the BIG BANKS !! Time to give some of the power back to the people NOT THE BANKS!

  • WilliamLyons

    Im an American Soldier.It upsets me to see unequal time given to all canidates to speak.Guess thats the media.Im also a registered dem.But im a centrist/independent.Im not endorsing Ron Paul because me doing so is worthy of UCMJ action but he has my vote and my wife’s.

    • DavidFritch


      Thank you. This comment just made my day! We fight for a cause not for a candidate or party! Nothing personal against Ron Paul but I didn’t become a supporter because of his dashing good looks or because of the R- in front of his name. He is the only one holding up our Constitution!

    • Eric R

      @WilliamLyons You are fine supporting a candidate. As a solider you are encouraged to vote and to be involved with the process (we fight for this freedom). You just need to be careful about what you say while representing the Armed Forces as to not to confuse people that this is a personal position and not one of the Branch/Service you represent. Please read AR 600-20 starting on page 88, Political Activities. This will clarify what you can and cannot do as an American Soldier. Get out and tell people how great Ron Paul is, just read the rules first.!

  • EShade

    I truly hope Ron Paul wins the primary. He is the only candidate that is running that can save this country. If he doesn’t win and he doesn’t get to go on to beat Obama in November we can all kiss our freedoms and our country good bye!!!!

  • DavidFritch

    Paul is so cool….he just sits back and lets the others catfight… and smiles….knowing he’s the true front runner!

  • DavidFritch

    Paul is so cool….he just sits back and lets the other catfight and smiles….knowing he’s the true front runner!

  • DavidFritch

    This is SO OBVIOUS they are trying to ignore Paul! Like nobody else sees through this!

  • exoraluna

    It’s never about debate!

  • JoshLedoucer

    seriously… ron paul has spoken like 3 times during this whole debate… they never ask him questions.. makes me mad

    • arevsilver


      I agree with you Josh, and have you noticed that all candidates except for Ron Paul do not answer questions that are asked of them. they redirect the questions by attacking an opponent. Ron Paul is the only one that has ANSWERED questions and Ron Paul has not attacked anyone not to mention that he’s not asked any questions. That’s because the Media plays a large part in elections. It’s called “Sales”….and it’s done by Hypnosis…..The Advertisements on T.V…..If you throw something out on T.V. Long enough people tend to believe it…..

  • TyBoofer

    Ron Paul is the only real choice with answers to restore America and the Constitution. NDAA is tyranny and supporters of NDAA needs to be disqualified as candidates. You can not legalize tyranny, it will bring Civil War. Bomb Iran and you start WWlll! Enough wars, bring our troops home!

  • foosman

    Its sometimes hard to watch these debates. I feel my hair going gray. I sure hope people are listening and not just watching.

  • RoseElectric

    Ron Paul, when given the opportunity, should point blank ask Romney what he did and where he was at during the Vietnam war ! And how was it possible that he received his deferments courtesy of Mormon Church Elders ! Way to go Mittens, riding your bike around France and sleeping in a Palace while your peers were fighting and dying in Indochina ! While he is at it, lets pose the same question to the other neocon chickenhawk, Santorum.

  • RoseElectric

    Willard (Mittens) Romney, Rick Santorum, and Newt Gingrich are three of the most devout Chickenhawks on the trail today. Obama could be included as well, but that will count later. These three circus clowns have no problem whatsoever talking tough, and vicariously waging war, as long as somebody else’s sons and daughters are fighting and dying for their bravado ! Since all three are pre-programmed marionettes of the Military Industrial Complex, one need not look far to understand why they are even in the race at all. Bought and paid for ! The worst is the mindless, shape shifting robot, Willard Romney. He opted to sit out the Vietnam War while his peers were fighting and dying in Indochina so he could spread the Mormon message whilst living in a Palace in France and bicycling the French countryside, thanks to his deferments, courtesy of Mormon Church elders ! Disgusting coward ! In another time,any one of these three cowards would have pilfered a Titanic lifeboat seat from a woman or child ! Here is a link to the complete Chickenhawk list :

    I should not have to be vetting these cowards and doing the Mainstream Media’s job for them, but since they are owned by the USA’a largest defense contractors, the chances of them doing it are zero. There is only one choice to restore America to the great nation she once was, and that choice is Ron Paul 2012 !

  • sido_84

    Ron Paul 2012!… Perry does not have a clue !!!

  • not2bad

    Hope Ron Paul goes after Romney like he did Gingrich and Santorum last night. It’s time.

    Ron Paul 2012!!

    • sandylynn

      @not2bad is there anyway to make things go viral on people actually reading the constitution before they vote it may wake up the sleepers