Ron Paul: Don’t Protect the Banks, Protect the People!

by Ron Paul

This week, partisan games in Washington reached a fevered pitch as Congress acted to prevent recess appointments, yet the administration made them anyway. Congress has been gaveling into session for less than a minute every three days for the express purpose of technically staying in session. The 40 second “pro forma” sessions may strike supporters of the President as obstructionist, but Congress was using its clear constitutional authority and playing by the rules. Frustrated, the President simply disregarded the Constitution, and appointed Richard Cordray as head of the new Consumer Financial Protection Board, and Sharon Block, Richard Griffin, and Terence Flynn to the National Labor Relations Board anyway.

Playing fast and loose with the Constitution only gets worse with every administration. Because of the dangerous precedents being set, both parties would be wise to defend constitutional bounds, no matter who crosses the line. Defending a constitutional overstep always comes back to haunt them once power changes hands.

The Obama administration expressed extreme frustration with the Senate’s refusal to confirm its nominees. The truth is, for better or worse, these are the cards the voters have dealt Washington. The Constitution, with its system of checks and balances, not only allows for gridlock, it practically guarantees some degree of it. The Founders knew that gridlock can be a very good thing. If nothing can be agreed upon in Washington, harm to the country is limited. Considering the Obama administration’s ideas of what caused our problems, and how to solve them, the wisdom of the founders certainly shines through today.

According to the administration, the new Consumer Financial Protection Board is an absolute necessity. Another bureaucracy, with more rules and red tape and paperwork and procedures is supposed to protect the people from bad actors in the marketplace. On the contrary, the answer was staring us in the face in late 2008 when these bad banks and corporations threatened to go belly-up. The laws of economics were working to remove corrupt companies from the market forever, to never abuse or defraud another customer or depositor or shareholder again. Bankruptcy is the ultimate consumer protection, and what did Washington do? It protected the banks instead, and created more bureaucrats.

This is exactly why constitutionally-inflicted gridlock should be respected. But instead it is clearer than ever that we are now a nation ruled by men, not laws. This nation needs to respect the Constitution again. No exceptions. The oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution is still in effect when checks and balances get in the way of a political agenda. If not, it has no meaning at all.


  • What about the 9 TRILLION spent by Obama, & 1 of those trillion had no record. or so they said in hearing/investigation. just YouTube ‘9 TRILLION’. You couldn’t make this stuff up. The tax office chases you for 1$. But Big Government (Republican/Democrat aka Liberal/Labor) can LOSE 1 TRILLION of your dollars. Who owns the banks that get the money..Rothschild. Rockefeller and other ‘Elite’ scum. These people care only about their extended bloodlines. Not about you the taxpayer, aka debt slave

  • why don’t these people first look up the word isolationist and find out what it means before they try to label Ron Paul something they have no idea of the meaning. Isolationist means A national policy of abstaining from political or economic relations with other countries. Ron Paul wants to free trade with countries and have peace with them instead of War.

  • Obama needs to be impeached.

  • Ron Paul, I totally support your candidacy, your non-interventionist foreign policy, your monetary policy, and I will vote for you in the Texas primary, if you are still in it. But are you saying the Constitution allows Congress to be “in session” for 40 seconds a day!!!??? CannotCongress also exceed legitimate bounds? Has a Democrat Congress ever pulled such a stunt on a Republican President?

  • Veterans for Ron Paul, damn right, vote Ron Paul in the primaries and vote Ron Paul in November and get that Marxist out of there! Don’t let Democrat talking points silence you, nothing “racist” about opposing a president…how convenient if that were true. What’s next you can’t disagree with Islam on Sharia law.

  • why was the sound so bad, like he was holding the mike too close or something. Maybe just my laptop thats fucking with me… Anyways, RP 2012!

  • Cordray voted for NDAA bill. Never ever return to Ohio you piece of filth
    RON PAUL 2012

  • Veterans and Active Duty Soldiers to March on White House in Support of Ron Paul

    On President’s Day, February 20th, 2012, the founders of Veterans for Ron Paul 2012, Nathan Cox and Adam Kokesh, will lead a formation of veterans and active duty troops who support Ron Paul’s candidacy for President of the United States from the Washington Monument to the White House.

  • Upon arrival at the White House, they will do an about face to turn their backs on the President, and render a hand salute to a folded American flag surrounded by family members of military personnel and veterans. They will hold the salute for as many seconds as troops have died under the Presidency of Barrack Obama.

  • im going to cry non-stop for four years if he isnt the next president

  • Dr. Ron Paul vs The Warmonger ChickenHawksRomney, Obama, Santorum, Gingrich – all chickenhawksNever served in the military but want to play at commander in chief with other people’s lives.

  • Obama is hell bent on creating his legacy and will be as dictatorial as he needs to be to accomplish it. This is send us into a free-fall of injustice an loss of rights if this is not corrected. Please elect Ron Paul so we can set our country on the right track again.

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  • General Tadeusz Kosciuszko: duty of a Citizen in the free Government, that he must defend his country against foreign as well as internal Enemies who would wish to change the Constitution for the worst to inslave them by degree afterwards, to have good and human heart Sensible for the Sufferings of others, each must be married and have 100 Acres of land, with instruments, Cattle for tillage and know how to manage and Govern it well as well to know [how to] behave to neighbors

  • Ron Paul is 100 % correct! We, as a nation, need to get back to our Constitution NOW! Ron Paul 2012!

  • The Problem With Our Voting Population, At This Point in Time In Our History, is That LIBERTY AND FREEDOM AND INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS ARE NO LONGER MAINSTREAM. Central Planning and Centralized Power are now Mainstream and basically Unchallenged in the minds of MOST PEOPLE…Think about how this came about in Europe and what were the CONSEQUENCES IN THE 30’S AND 40’S ! The set up, economically, is simillar but MUCH WORSE! -R O N P A U L 2012 or CENTRALIZED CONTROL AND SOCIAL ENGINEERING OF OUR LIVES

  • President Paul will undoubtedly have the most loyal secret service in American history. I’d definitely take a bullet on his behalf…and I’m an admitted wennie!

  • thanks dr. paul i wish you have an awesome life

  • Impeachment of King Obama is need to make this Nation whole again.

  • LOL Romney/Obama have the same donors, and they’re all BANKS!!!