Ron Paul Gaining on Romney in New Hampshire

  • Go Dr. Paul!!!!!!!

  • both Rand and Ron are fucking morons

    and they wont win shit


  • What still yanks my crank is that people don’t see Ron is the ONLY peace candidate the last 30 years. He’s the only one who voted against all the entitlement spending bills. He is the only one who would try to avoid wars rather than just kill innocent people because the military industrial complex wants more money. It’s ridiculous that we’re even talking about any other candidate as being a front runner. Ron is the only chance to fix this before the dollar dies.

  • Did anyone see the picture of Rand Paul with his dad in uniform when he was just a toddler?

    He was so cute! Like a little blond teddy bear!

  • If you don’t want him, us in Canada will take him with open arms with no apprehension.

  • Ron Paul’s strongest asset is his common sense. Although there are many good people in the Federal government, its actions over the past few decades are just ridiculous.

    It’s time to legalize freedom once more.
    Ron Paul 2012


  • Liberty IS popular!

  • Notice how they try to make Ron Paul seem like a liberal to scare away Republican voters? Zoom in on the guy with dreads, cut the other guy off so it sounds like he says Ron Paul = “change”, interview the guy saying he would have never voted for a Republican, etc.. If Dr. Paul does win the nomination they’ll change their tune immediately and start portraying him as being too far right wing.

  • 1:52 “I’m undecided, still learning more”

    What the hell is there to learn. You can choose between a bunch of warmongering sleezebags or an honest guy with the best interest of the country at heart.. hmm, yeah lets ponder about that for a couple weeks before we make our choice!

  • Rand Paul 2020 (after his father’s 2 terms of course).

  • Everyone you need to see this believe me one of the most amazing videos I’ve seen,
    It’s about Ron Paul,and it’s amazing. The youtube link is below

  • NH Vote Ron Paul!!!!!!

  • dear god ppl just vote for ron paul… he said he would increse you welfare checks..remember yes we can….lol

  • 1 dislike was a misclick from a stoner

  • I would take a bullet for this man too.

    American Atheist here, supporting Ron Paul.

  • Indeed, I do find Rand Paul to be a much better speaker than Ron Paul in conveying messages, but I think its probably because Ron paul is a old man.

  • that haitian caller was hilarious

  • He is a good speaker… and would be an excellent candidate in future presidential elections.

  • How the hell do they call SS an entitlement. When I paid my money in it over years and years. Entitle: to give (a person) the right to do or have something; qualify; allow