Ron Paul Gaining on Romney in New Hampshire

    THIS VIDEO?? ——————-> watch?v=GBxafn1HEa4

  • Ron Paul isnt going to win. But he sure as hell is making a impact.


  • 1:36 It’s Meeeeee!!!! All the way from Los Angeles! West Coast Ron Paul Support!! Hollywood in the house!!

  • George Washington create USA Government to fight British Government in 1776,
    George Washington established First Bank of the United States
    James Madison create USA Government to fight British Government in 1812,
    James Madison established Second Bank of the United States
    Washington, Madison, Jefferson Proof Nation Bank is Constitutional !!!
    Fight a Government with a Government.
    Fight a Bank with a Bank.

  • It’s clear, vote for Ron Paul in the primaries and vote Ron Paul in November…defeat Obama, the media, DC bureaucrats, defeat The Fed,, defeat the elitist in and after November 2012.

  • As an outside USA viewer, Ron Paul could be the very best guy to face Obama. He is a lot more buziness minded to help the US economy an to get the people jobs they need in rush.

    Gee! I would like to vote in USA as I never did.

  • If they give me the new Iphone with siri ,I’ll vote for them

  • The United States needs to maintain a small Army capable of defending our borders. It’s our Air Force and Navy that should bear the burden of projecting American power. Sufficient #s of marines and rangers could be trained as a quick response. I’ve been doing plenty of “research” for the past 12 years.

  • YAY! Yes, I also would NEVER vote in REP Primary, til this year- RON PAUL has changed my way of looking at (some) Reps.
    Now, Paul is running as the “NOT_ROMNEY”, and these reporters? Showing their faces as, “NOT_Dana_BASH” haha.
    Bash got BASHED last night— what an idiot she IS>

  • follow the leader, who is RON PAUL

  • If we cut the defense spending in half, we could increase the NASA budget four times and still not get anywhere near the old spending. Why not explore the solar system? We’d put all the small, parochial peoples (Africans, Arabs) in their place. We might shock the Russians into reforming toward democracy and less corruption. We should support reform in Russia as an ally against China.

  • “Good morning Mr. Paul.” 3:16 Probably doesn’t even speak English as a first language judging by enunciation alone–and that a-MED-ica…and retarded based on her pitch for Paul. Why not POSE some questions?

  • America could’ve had Ron Paul 3 tears ago, had they not been so naive. Maybe this time they’ll wake up and vote for real change.

  • If Ron Paul is the GOP nominee then he has my vote, but if he runs as a 3rd party candidate then I’m NOT voting for him only because of the fact that he will steal votes from the conservative side and Obama will win again. Obama CANNOT win again.

  • Vote for Ron Paul on drudgereport. com!!!

  • Romney is a liar people wake up look in his face he will do same as bush did.

  • Come on Ron Paul!!!!

  • Who runs these poll RESULTS!! RON PAUL RON PAUL RON PAUL!!!