Ron Paul Mania in New Hampshire

  • Vermin Supreme is funny. They neglected to mention he was also shouting “Ron Paul, we are the media. We have you completely surrounded. You will answer all our questions.” – mocking the media’s mob-like behavior



    why is the bottom half of Dana’s face squished

  • Even in an edited hit piece Ron Paul owns her. If Ron Paul ain’t it then no one is.

  • Dana lost her credibility as a journalist. Nuff said.

  • that lady bitching is BAT SHIT crazy.

  • This is rediculous! Having that many people inside was A FIRE HAZARD! Ron Paul did the right thing and that lady should be less selfish and care for the country more than herself.

  • he left because they pushed his wife. It WAS unsafe. He loves his wife enough to not care about idiot reporters getting their “scoop” (of horse shit, evidently).

  • Apparently that woman has no concept of the issues. We love her too and hope she has the privilege of waking up some day.

  • Dana looks like a Zombie.

  • I wish someone would shit on Dana Bash

  • Not much i can add at this point alots been said.ONE THING THOUGH .Ron Paul is like over 70 years old.People (media)should try take that into consideration befroe they as they lynch him for talks. The media are absolute scum.

    Ron Paul 2012 please.

  • No self respecting woman would wear a dumb grey sweatshirt in public. Keep the cozy frumpy shit at your home that is no doubt filled with cats or dirty man-sized dogs.

  • I think the way they had it sorted was wrong. It looked like they had a bunch of tables for a group of people and he was gonna sit at one and then they could ask questions and such. This doesn’t work if you have a large group of people surrounding only one table. Only the poeple at that table will be able to ask questions. I blame the organizer, she/he probably just hasn’t done many of these before and forgot about controlling the location of the media during the event.

  • If I was running for president and someone shoved my wife out of the way, I would likely be running the rest of the campaign from prison. HOW DARE YOU LAY A HAND ON HER? I want to know what reporter did it so I can boycott the fuck out of them and hound them on the phone.

  • Ron Paul = “Rock Star”!

  • The system must be really afraid of Ron Paul when the media pulls off something like this. A good sign actually. The system is afraid of us!

  • The guy who shoved his wife, I will curb stomp that fucker.

  • What a dumb bitch. Sounded like she was on the verge of crying. So the sole criteria for her president is someone who waits around to kiss the ass of the press? She has no business at a Ron Paul gather. That bitch belongs at a Romney assembly.

  • That woman was caught on camera exchanging pleasantries with Ron Paul. She’s a stooge.

    The Guardian interviewed her