Ron Paul Mania in New Hampshire

  • Why are some of you so hell bent on calling everyone you don’t like a zionist? I’m not defending them but those of you that are slandering people that can’t even hear you really need to grow up.

  • If she was really a Ron Paul supporter, the fact that he had to leave the circus environment would never sway her from voting for him.


  • Because all the other candidates willingly put up with the rudeness of the media…that’s a logical reason, lady. Jeez, RP is law abiding (referring to safety codes and rules) and defends his wife, that must mean that he is a bad candidate, doh! What is important is that RP as President will work to give you back more freedoms than you’ve had by right and law since you were a baby, you just haven’t had them because of the likes of Obama, Newt, Mitt, Santorum, et al. Get some sense here, folks.

  • The poll I saw yesterday had Ron at 24% to Mitt’s 35%. They start counting the votes and they say Huntsman is only 3% behind?? SERIOUSLY? Does anyone still believe the voting system is honest?


  • Polls conducted on LANDLINE TELEPHONES are MISLEADING. Most people who get polled are the elderly, never heard about Ron Paul due to deliberate ABC CBS NBC CNN media blackout and they don’t use the internet. DIEBOLD WILL CALL THIS ELECTION IF PAUL’S NUMBERS ARE TOO HIGH.

  • and we were assured he’d come through and you know they all
    blame the press,but you know what?that’s part of it.they got to
    get used to and they got to deal with it and they
    make their way through all the other candidates do it.
    Bless,she ran out of brain air towards the end.

  • they can’t even show the whole video, shame on you. Media what media, they only show you what they want you to see. Stupid B

  • they can’t even show the whole video, shame on you. Media what media, they only show you what they want you to see. Stupid B

  • When the media shoves YOUR spouse out of the way and says, “get out of the way” without a care of a person’s safety wouldn’t you leave too, you CNN hacks?

  • Who cares about one whiny undecided voter? Grow up idiots! “Boo hoo; Ron Paul couldn’t talk to me; boo hoo, hoo.” Retard!

  • Sorry Karen Heller from a true Ron Paul supporter.

  • I have a gut feeling this was planned and that this woman was a paid actor. The establishment is crapping their pants. They’re going to start doing some really desperate things to stop this truly good man from becoming president but they can’t stop an idea whos time has come. RON PAUL 2012

  • Karen Heller meet Helen Keller

  • Dana Basher is a Borger

  • i love how that ugly skinny ass reporter got shut down

  • has nobody seen the actual interview where she asks him that horrible quesiton and then jesse benton has to end the interview? that was a pure smear job.

  • Dana Bash deserves to be bashed. I wonder if the head honchos at CNN, NBC and Fox tell their reporters lies to keep secret about Ron Paul to keep them from being supportive. Or if they’re just to dumb to figure it out on their own. I wonder if they have to go through a brain washing ritual.

  • MY GOD THAT wouldnt even be a story if it wasnt Ron Paul

  • Dana’ using Meth…!!!!