Ron Paul Meets with Voters in Hollis, New Hampshire

  • this man is honest

  • environment is also a state issue not federal.

  • George Washington create USA Government to fight British Government in 1776,
    George Washington established First Bank of the United States
    James Madison create USA Government to fight British Government in 1812,
    James Madison established Second Bank of the United States
    Washington, Madison, Jefferson Proof Nation Bank is Constitutional !!!
    Fight a Government with a Government.
    Fight a Bank with a Bank.



  • Ron Paul would take a bullet for America but Americans will take a bullet for him.

  • The other candidates remind me of russian ambassadors. Talk for an hour and say nothing. Every word Ron paul says has meaning and substance with history..

  • Damn Skippy Ron.

  • I’m a Gay Soldier. If Ron Paul does not win. I will vote for Obama. Stay out of my civil liberties. Just saying. No other candidate will get my independant vote, and I’m pretty damn sure I’m not alone. Ron Paul 2012

  • Thank you Dr Ron Paul, I follow the Ron Paul University day after day! I pass it on, here in Europe, the Netherlands!

  • This is a Great Man!

  • please USA, PLEASE vote Ron Paul. If he doesn’t win, we’re all fuckin doomed for slavery and misery. if he isnt elected, the world needs to fight back. its 7 billion against a few thousand. do the math you new world order pussies.

  • btw…Ron Paul Campaign song…Pulse of the Maggots by slipknot ya no maybe?!? lol

  • anyone know wheres a good place to watch live video of the primary…preferably with chat…and isnt moderated by fricken fox news…lol…Thanx all

  • Because people can’t handlebthevtruths

  • why is he not polling at 99.9% ?

  • not even one spin from dr. paul, always explaining right to the point….

  • there is always that 1 ‘dislike’ .. Mitt Romney has to be watching these

  • Ron Paul is 100% correct!

  • I hate hearing people say there in no way the election will ever let Ron win. People have become defeated and have stopped believing that we can change things. What happened to America? Of course change can’t happen in one term, but we can always lay ground work. The fact that we won our independance from England and fought for what we believed in made us great. What happened to that? Vote Ron Paul 2012

  • Ron Paul 2012!
    Make the right vote!