Ron Paul 2012: More Freedom, Less Government, Lower Taxes, a Strong National Defense

  • I’m willing to vote Republican if this stupid country can put Ron Paul at the head of the party. It would be awesome to finally get someone intelligent in office.


  • I wish I lived in a sane state like New Hampshire.

  • D R. R O N . P A U L – – 2 0 1 2 – –

  • RON PAUL 2012! Vote vote vote!!!

  • Damn rights he’s a rock star , He Represents !

  • This man’s face belongs on Mt.Rushmore

  • Ron’s bodyguard does a great job, always scanning the room.

  • The Revolution has begun

    Vote Ron Paul 2012!!

  • Hey Ron, if you believe in the constitution how come you have cowardly blocked me from your website ? Why do you hang out on the insane zionist disinformation agents website of Alex Jones? What have I ever done to you Paul? What have I ever said on your page that was offensive in anyway ? What will you do about super insane , schizo, cowardly, racketeering sissy Mueller FBI(SIO) punk for insanely destroying my life with the rest for 30 years? You are a fake to me Paul, now open up your site :o)

  • How come all these politicans and reporters sound completely gay? Its like they do it on purpose he is trying to sound way too nice

  • Good to see Ron picked himself up some good bodyguards.. the one in the background has his head on a swivel.. LOL


  • If you like Obama then be aware! There’s no left or right? There’s only an up or down and your savior is destroying this country. You do realize he printed more money than any president combined in history right? U also realize when u print money it looses value! U do realize all that money comes from the hard working people who make it right? U realize he passed many of those things in the middle of the night when the majority or Americans were not aware right(like the NDAA)?
    Ron Paul 2012!

  • Asking Ron Paul if he going to run as a 3rd party candidate must be a condition of employment for reporters because they bring it up nearly every time. Think about where this idea came from.

  • if media will not back off from intimidation.insults and making themselves look evil – people will appreciate them! because they have to respect Dr RON PAUL!!!

  • Ron for sure!

  • jesse benton looks like a teddy bear…no homo 😛

  • Three people I want to shake hands with, Ron Paul, Jesse Benton, Adam Kokesh.

  • this was probably the best FOX interview I have seen thus far. The questions were respectable, there wasn’t any underlying motives….well done…

    RON PAUL 2012

  • How many fucking times are they going to ask that irritating ‘third party’ question? Ron Paul should go public and say, “The next son of a bitch who asks me about a third party run is going to find my fist in their face.”

  • OK, who’s the one fucking dickhead who hit the dislike button? Show yourself you little coward.