Ron Paul 2012: More Freedom, Less Government, Lower Taxes, a Strong National Defense

  • Ladies and gentlemen, let’s keep this good man alive.

  • Why does everyone ask him about third party? Is there some agenda at work? How does asking him repeatedly effect the outcome of the election?

  • Nothing personal ….

    “then you WIN
    and then they RESPECT you”

    For them it is always a zero-sum game …they don’t know “live and let live” until you show them how fragile they actually are!

  • Why would fox give ron paul an unbiased interview what changed the direction of the smear campaign. I mean this is obvious that fox has changed their agenda.


  • Only way you people are gonna get your beloved RON PAUL to be your leader is to revolt and destroy the system completely.

  • I just hope that people look at everyone’s actions and words. If they match and you agree than vote , but if the politician says one thing and does another beware of the lie.. I’ll vote for Paul because he can help fix our country

  • fxuyvtr02

    This interviewer missed the memo that he’s supposed to be ATTACKING Ron Paul, not letting him speak.

  • Run as a third party candidate? Heck he could run as a man from Mars and he’d win.

  • Also, this is a great interview.

  • BTW, just sent off another 20 from my check for Paul.

  • tupa, you real? lol

  • Excuse use me, I have a good question for Paul since he has blocked me from their page. You mentioned in one of your videos a few days ago that people would be not allowed a lawyer under the new “Detention BS”? Who would want a damn insane schizo lawyer when the insane “Domestic Terrorist reward law 18USC3071” pays off any lawyers, judges, false accusing informants, psychologists etc etc. You think I would pay a Pile of ___ lawyer when the Government can pay the idiot off with $500,000?

  • Ok, I know the sweater vest is a strategic move borrowed from another candidate, but DAMN Ron can wear the shit out of that thing.

  • When are the NH results gonna be released ??

  • I cant believe Ron Paul came in second in New Hemisphere, they should change their motto to “Live as Slaves & then die”. Fuck ’em.. onward we march!! RON PAUL 2012!!

  • I’m in this with you Dr. Paul!!

  • First they ignore you
    then they laugh at you
    then they fight you
    then they RESPECT you
    -Mahatma Gandhi

  • Mitt is 100% establishment. Why does people project their own goodness onto this multimillionaire?

  • Look at his fat ass bodyguard looking around, as if ron paul were so important that the “NWO fictional assasins” would actually want to take out. Ron Paul is a joke and no one takes this old cook seriously. He will retire next year and play golf the rest of his life.

  • Mitt wins again. PAULBOTS SELF DESTRUCT.