Ron Paul Surging in New Hampshire

  • standrkm

    Here’s an interesting vin diagram a guy made up showing what the Obama administration and Goldman Sachs have in common:(warning may cause blind rage)

  • DouglasCLLC

    It is interesting to see how the youth are coming forward, while the ‘sleepy giant’ still observes. They know what the consequences will be if we successfully part with the Elites Ludicrous Global Monetary Policies. For the ‘sleepy giant’ to see the youth stand forward should be a great incentive for them to take the next step towards what must be done. So, be prepared for the Dark Sides moves as they will not go down without a despicable deceptive false flag fight. Bachman, you got to see the whole picture. Obama you need to tell your CFR Builderberger friends to take a hike. The internet has already made it clear so just get on board or just be their Stewart.

  • The guy who disliked it was sleezylagoon.

    Ron Paul doing well in NH….SURGE!


  • Doug Wead, in so many words, has said that he has been awakened because of how incorruptible Ron Paul is. You can see that he truly believes in Ron Paul’s message and is not just ‘working’ for him. That’s the difference between Ron Paul and the other puppets, the people that support Ron Paul, TRULY support Ron Paul and consider themselves awakened. Yes, Doctor Paul is our only hope to regain our individual liberties and for REAL positive change in this country.

  • MSNBC is shite.

  • WallyDow

    During the Revolutionary War in the 1770s, only 5% of the people in the colonies came forward to fight. At the end of the war, when the continental army won, those who aided and abetted the enemy and those who fought on the side of the British were given the choice of leaving the colonies or facing the death penalty. This election is like a replay of the Revolution of the 1770s. We have a lot of traitors in this nation that do NOT understand the principles that our country was founded on. No one running as a 2012 candidate seems to know or understand them either, and a few are aiding and abetting the enemy. Ron Paul is THE ONLY one running that is a constitutionalist and a true American patriot. It is sad that so many people refuse to wake up and study what this man is about. Listening to rumors and propaganda and blindly accepting misinformation is not STUDYING. Nothing will stop me or change my mind about voting for and supporting Ron Paul …. period.

    Ron Paul 2012.

  • The only thing Ron Paul is surging in is his own demise. Third rate loser in Iowa where the tall corn grows.

    There’s no rapture in New Hampshire.

  • another retarded reporter.

  • 856 likes to Romney’s lone dislike….well shit, that’s a landslide, again.

  • standrkm

    Ron Paul is destroying everyone else, and it’s getting better. Can’t wait til tomorrow night. Hopefully all is fair is ya know what I mean.

    • standrkm

      Yeah the media no matter how corrupt cannot ignore anyone that’s in second place. They can ignore third or fourth but not third.

    • standrkm

      The corrupt media can’t ignore 2nd. If Ron Paul is somehow in 2nd that’s still great because they can and have ignored Ron when he was in third or fourth but you can’t ignore 2nd place.

  • I love listening to Doug handle the media, hes a fantastic speaker for this campaign.

  • Ron Paul’s passionate speech on race during the NH debate completely astonished and converted me. I, like most African Americans, just did not know anything about him. Mr. Paul can take SC with cross over Black votes. He can arm himself with a plan for developing the inner Cities. The plan, titled; “Inner City Progress Initiative,” is authored by Tanner M. George, Sr. I suggest that he google Mr. George for other information

  • biblicalfreedom

    Making Ron Paul – an anti-government politician – our president is like making a mobster the police commissioner. The mobster will weaken the police department to the point where it can no longer keep the bad guys in check. That’s what Paul wants to do to our democratic government.

    The bad guys – oil companies, mining companies, banks, and any other businesses that have schemes up their sleeves – want the government off their backs! But they need YOU to make that happen by electing politicians who’ll make government small, weak, and incapable of protecting you from the schemes of the greedy.

    What Ron Paul doesn’t want you to know is that he helped empower the banks to become too big to fail and sell off responsibility on bad debt when he voted for all of the banking deregulation acts of the 80s and 90s.

    A democratic government is the only protector the powerless have. And Ron Paul wants to cripple it so corporate power may expand without limits.

    • Scott R

      Biblicalfreedom- Democrates obtain power because they give entitlements to groups of people to BUY VOTES. Think about it this way… say you want to help the small guy by extending unemployment for example. You’ll probably say bottom up is good right? Where do you think this money comes from? If it doesn’t come from an increase in taxes on the middle class and wealthy, it comes from all the printing the government does. And what happens to the poor when inflation kicks in? There dollars given to them by the government don’t go as far and they end up with nothing extra. I understand your frustrations with both parties, but I encourage you to look deeper into Ron Paul’s stance on reining in the FED and getting back to the gold standard to protect us from this inflation. He is also well know to be for states rights. Remember- power divided is power checked. Also a good thing if you want to avoid coruption and greed.

    • @biblicalfreedom – “Making Ron Paul – an anti-government politician – our president is like making a mobster the police commissioner.”

      Speaking from the Sicilian perspective, the benefits of having a “made” mobster in control of the government’s police powers (instead of a thug appointed by politicians) would derive from such a mobster’s desire to keep control of crime so as to ensure that such activities are run profitably, without disturbing the populace.

      Such a mobster would therefore act much more responsibly to suppress crimes against the persons and property of private citizens than do politically appointed police commissioners. Unapproved arson and looting, riots and rapes – these are all extremely bad for “business.”

      Not to be tolerated by the mob.

      Unfortunately – again from the Sicilian perspective – Ron Paul is terribly unqualified to be mobster. He has no commitment to the “pragmatic” aspects of government as a criminal enterprise, and his perpetual insistent demand for ENFORCING the U.S. Constitution would cut severely into mob revenues.

      So, no, despite the great improvements Americans would see with “making a mobster the police commissioner” (among other sterling qualities, when a mobster is bribed he STAYS bribed), there’s really no way that we could get these benefits by electing Dr. Paul to the presidency.

      He’s entirely too darned law-abiding.

  • If you support anyone other than Gary Johnson 2012 , Your just an idiot. If you want to know why your an idiot then youtube this video called “5 reasons i dont support ron paul and who i do support”. Its an awesome video and i dont possably see how you could support anyone other than Gary Johnson 2012. Gary Johnson 2012 is BY FAR the best canidate on ballot for the last 50+ years.

  • Spread the word ppl, LETS GET RON PAUL IN ASAP!!

  • oh crap! “it’s all about who comes in number 2” …not again!… guess Ron Paul is gonna win! and the media is gonna go all Romney out!… wait? wat? Ron is in 2nd and they are all focused on him? …wat is going on?

  • Rick Perry – Cry Per Irk
    Jon Huntsman – Jams nth Noun
    Rick Santorum – Rims Okra Cunt
    Newt Gingrich – Wenching Grit
    Mitt Romney – Morm’n, Ye Tit

    Republican Party – Papery Lubricant


  • Doug Wead fears no evil media pundit! His ch’i is strong!

  • Ron Paul has lost and keeps loosing. Time to swing that votes to Mitt Romney.

  • SovereignGlobalist

    Well there you go! MSNBC is forced to admit that Ron Paul is polling in 2nd place in NH and mentioned his name.