Ron Paul Surging in New Hampshire

  • Wake up America! Ron Paul for President!


  • Wake up America! Ron Paul for President!

  • Wake up America! Ron Paul for President!

  • Ron Paul is the only option.

  • Ron Paul is the only option.

  • harishvenkat1976

    I am worried. Latest polls have Huntsman just 2% below Ron Paul. CNN has routinely showed Adoption Ad to discourage potential Dr. Paul voters. I honestly think we cannot afford to be 3rd in NH.

    • Scott R

      @harishvenkat1976 There are 12 delegates up for grabs in New Hampshire today. Anyone that polls 10% plus will receive delegates based on their % of the votes. Votes cast for anyone polling below 10% will be added to Romney delegate total if he indeed takes the state.
      So if you live in New Hampshire and support Perry, your vote will be tallied for Romney just so you know.

    • Scott R

      @harishvenkat1976 Checking back again… I see Perry only has 1% of the vote. The funny thing is, if Neut, Santorum, Huntsman don’t get to 10%, it would give Romney more votes and a larger lead on Paul. Of course Ideally, Paul supporters will show up in droves and he’ll actually win. If Paul can get 20.92% of the vote that should round up to 3 delegates and should be considered another strong showing. Based on the polls we are again right there so this is possible! So get out there and VOTE!!!

  • Because if he does run as a third party he will get most of the independent votes, which is bad for the republican nominee. Also if he says now that he will do that he might lose republican votes, which is bad for him, so that’s why they ask him.

  • Why do they keep asking Ron Paul about running in a third party?

  • dounce

    @goodinohio I would urge all those in NH who support Ron Paul to go to polls today. Don’t allow GOP elites to determine nominee.

  • Ya know, im likin this guy. Well mannered

  • How great Ron Paul is doing well, I don’t live in the US but I vote with my all my heart for this campaign!

  • stantana

    take a break for 2 1/2 min and listen to my song parody on you tube. I am virtually computer illiterate about pasting url etc, so you have to type the WHOLE TITLE”spending though the moneys all gone”

    there’s no video, but wouldn’t this be catchy before any Ron Paul appearances? Props out to Dr Hook and the medicine show….tell your friends

  • he should finish in a strong 2nd and hopefully perform well in South Carolina to become the anti Romney person to beat him. its kind of dumb not to compete in Florida though.

  • Jimmy Lopez
  • Jimmy Lopez
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  • Live free or die NH!