Stunning Second Place Finish for Ron Paul in New Hampshire!

  • Ron Paul is our next President. Love him.


  • Damn New Hampshire ! Damn you guys!! Clearly Ron Paul is the man !! What part of Liberty you don’t understand!! Ya can kiss my ass New Hampshire!!! Let move forward to the next state, full steam!! Ron Paul 2012!!

  • haha fucking perry with 1%

  • I’ve bought and mailed out 240 bumper stickers asking everyone to pay it forward by sending out 10 bumper stickers to 10 Ron Paul Supporters. I’m all out, but I encourage everyone to start sending bumper stickers to other supporters, that is 10 months of advertising on the road, reaching undecided voters. Don’t expect the campaign to hand out free swag to all supporters, it must be one Ron Paul supporter to another!!

  • Any vote not for Ron Paul, is a vote for Mitt Romney.

  • Ron Paul pretty much just told her this. I put it into context for everyone. *I been sayin this shit was gonna happen for years now and these niggas finally got the message*

  • Congratulations everyone on the respectable finish! Help spread the good word about Dr. Paul and kindly donate. It’s an expensive marathon we’re in, not a sprint; and we have every intention of winning it. Let’s keep building momentum. For freedom. Keep. Pushing. Forward.

    Ron Paul 2012!

  • Full sympathy to Mr.Paul.
    From Obama second country, Indonesia.

  • If you hold credit card debt…..have a loan or keep your money at a large corporate bank…USBank…Citizens…..ect…. They own you………you contribute to them.
    Wipe out your debt…….live within your means…..and move your money to a credit union.
    Make an real statement and put your money and your actions where your mouth is

  • The only chance we have of seeing a Ron Paul presidency is if he runs as an Independent. The biggest risk with Paul running as an Independent is it will make Obama’s chances at a second term go way up I am affraid.

  • So shuck I cant vote for him. We need war derp derp keep the country going. We gotta protects israel because they our allies yuck yuck. Fucking idiots. Worms. The white people of this country will be its downfall. You allowed them to let ANYONE into this country illegally. You allowed them to sell your jobs to the highest bidder. You allowed them to corrupt this nation and all become slaves of the bankers. Now you will lets the best fucking chance to turn things around slip away.

  • Lol interesting how the media only asks Ron Paul if he’s running as a third party candidate in the future

  • I find the people that are pro war very disturbing and dangerous. These police actions are one of the key reasons why we are in debt. When their candidates……Romney, Santorum, Gingrich all talk about being fiscally conservative and reigning in big government…….big budget cuts but all vote to raise the debt ceiling and were for bail outs….its as if these people cant make the simple connection. How willfully blind can they be?

  • history banned. Its not even a question. I got two years till my contract is up and I am out of this fucking hell hole. TRUST ME!! If Dr. Paul does not become president AMERICA will become the fucking 3rd world country. Watch and see. We are already the THE WORLDS LARGEST DEBTOR!!! You cannot run a military if you do not have any damn money. And the world is moving away from the US dollar. But shuck Joe I just want Osama out of office and Dr. Paul dont wanna kill those sand niggers

  • So, when are the Elites going crash this party with some scandal?

  • She laughs when she asks that same question again because she knows how ridiculous it is.

  • Off to south carolina where a bunch of fucking hicks will not support Dr. Paul because shuck he will get rid of our benefits. Fucking annoying. I honestly have a new fucking found hatred of white people. As a black male I FIND NO REASON for ANY WHITE AMERICAN not to support Dr. Paul. But the fucking sheep keep taking the bait. Same fucking idiots who watched Reefer madness and thought it was scary cause niggers smoked marijuana and in the end got a two amazing plants with great american

  • Hey, DANA BASH? Get a JOB!

  • Mitt and Newt are the only two who disliked this

  • Not her again. Sheesh. That has to be awkward for Paul.