Stunning Second Place Finish for Ron Paul in New Hampshire!

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  • didnt this bitch learn her lesson the last time she talked to ron paul?


  • All the other candidates are being used as a distraction. If everyone else drops out from the race, then they will be forced to cover Ron Paul even further. They need the other losers so that they can pull the attention away from Ron.


  • How many times… wow, Ron actually knows how many times that’s been asked? 139 times? She knows full well what the answer will be. Next time she asks that, surprise her with a slap.

  • Ron Paul 2012
    All American OccuParty Leader


  • she’s a bonafied bitch.

  • Brash should be sucking my dick

  • iT ALL COMES DOWN TO MONEY, poor Ron Paul! these media whores are sick,if it was a fair election media lies and money would not come into it. This guy is the last hope for the world not just the US.

  • Dana Bash is fed these ignorant questions from her Master’s as the media feed the masses Propaganda by repeating ‘3rd Party’ and ‘unelectable’ to the sheeple. I hear people repeating the media like retarded parrots all day. They don’t even know they’re being brainwashed.

  • Dana Bash is probably just unconsciously following the standard media treatment of Congressman Paul. I don’t detect any presence of the higher-ordered mental faculties that would be required in order to establish a more malicious intent.

  • mainstreammediarrea comes from yerknalism by presstitutes: still poor girl

  • presstitution and yerknalism smells like mainstream-mediarrea.

    Try to learn WHY you stupid bitch!
    This woman whoring and “bashing” is destroying her name.
    How do you feel now???

  • SC Vote Ron Paul!!!!

  • Does anyone know if there’s a time limit for when you can register as a republican to vote in the primaries in the state of Florida? I believe the primaries are held at the end of this month, I’m not sure if it’s too late to register to vote or not.. I’ve never voted in primaries before.

  • Fuck off Dana Bash

  • I can not tell you how many times I’ve heard people say, “I like Ron Paul, but I can’t vote for him cause he just can’t win”. Or, “Ron Paul is not a serious candidate”. It pisses me off, he can clearly compete, people need to stop following the crowd and just vote for the better man, he’s the only candidate that I see making any difference.

  • Dana Bush is a fucking idiot.

  • Thank you for your message!