Stunning Second Place Finish for Ron Paul in New Hampshire!

  • Dr. Paul would get many more votes if mainstream media presstitutes/whores tell their sheeple merely 2 FACTS instead of demonizing him:
    (1) The Federal Reserve is not a govt entity but a privately-owned corporation that prints & lends money to the US govt with the interest that can never be paid. It is a major cause of so many financial problems of the world.
    (2) Dr. Paul is ONE & ONLY ONE who will close the Federal Reserve. He even wrote a book on it (End The Fed).
    I hate mainstream media.


  • ron paul please,

  • Wonder what will happen when they stop giving drug addicts & Alcoholics SSI (social security supplement). Example: I know of a father & Son who are drug addicts and get SSI, apartment in a nice building with elevator, electric paid for and food at taxpayers’ expense. Another family of a mother, 2 daughters that are too fat to work & son that is a drug addict get the same. Who the hell gave these politicians the right to take my hard earned money and give it to these people?

  • How many times can this stupid bitch ask him the same question??

  • Dana Bash goes out of her way to be a douche. Better keep your husband so you can keep your job. REAL REPORTING in America needs to come back. How can you have respect for yourself as a reporter and not ask your own questions? Stop being a network sheep Bash come on.

  • Hey CNN he doesn’t need you, he has us! LMAO when he just walked away

  • Hey Dana, why the long face??

  • Serious ? – Did anyone get the license number of the truck that ran over Dana Bash’s face?

  • Ron Paul Revolution Bring Us Back Our Constitution!

  • Please don’t let mitt the puppet romney win, he literally makes me sick, he’s just another empty suit, this country can’t take another four years of the same old bullshit, we need the only man talking sense, the only man who has something different to say who isnt having his strings pulled by big business, come on people really, lets put this man in office.

  • As a Ron Paul supporter, I can answer your question Ms. Bash… NO. I will NOT get behind any other GOP candidate, because all of them are status quo.

  • Dana Bash is a Evil Snake like creature

  • The more Bash continues to unethically reach for air, the more people will be turned off by not only her, but eventually CNN and the rest of the main stream media.

  • We need EVERYONE and EVERYONE you know to get out there and VOTE!!! UNITED WE STAND!!! Lets Take our Freedoms and Libertys back and END these senceless wars!!! Ron “Paul 2012” The ONLY HONERABLE, RELIABLE, CONSTITUTIONAL, COMPASSIONATE candidate and he is the ONLY one with Integrity and the most Experience. Dr. and congressman Ron Pauls record speaks for itself. Lets get out there Everyone!!!!

  • I love the lack of respect he shows for Bash lol Understandable knowing their history!

  • CNN = Communist Nitwit Nuisance

    CBS = Crappy Bull Shit

    FOX = MOX

  • Dana Bash is bias, she doesn’t deserve and interview with Ron Paul, she publicly said she was “afraid” Ron Paul might stay in the race. She said Republicans are afraid “just like I am” that Ron Paul will continue. Please fire her!

  • South Carolina it’s your turn to change history. We need every vote! Ron Paul 2012.

  • California for Ron Paul