Stunning Second Place Finish for Ron Paul in New Hampshire!

  • she looks like she lets just says does alot of “deeds” for men… no journalism background.

  • The MSM is still trying to dismiss Dr. Paul, even after this impressive showing in New Hampshire.
    Wasn’t that long ago they were all taking Michelle Bachman pretty serious, look where she is.
    Remember Herman Cain? yea….
    So when they say Dr. Paul has no chance, they are talking out of their ass, dont listen to them.
    They are running scared.

  • The sad reality that the CNN/mainstream media is beginning to realize is that no matter what they blackout or how much they spin/smear…All any curious person has to do is Google or YouTube the words “Ron Paul” and they will instantly join the movement which just means more people calling/e-mailing/facebooking about your bias. It has to hurt, the movement is growing by thousands per minute and you have no control over it.


  • We are breaking the MSM firewall and it is hurts for them to see it crumble! haha

  • ron paul trying to hold his vomit inside.

  • Ron Paul is for ever.

  • I am telling everybody I know who is right for my country

  • If Ron Paul doesn’t become president, is there anything we can do? I know my lack of faith in Ron Paul sickens me. I support this man 100% but I just have my doubts. I wish you all the luck Dr. Ron Paul. Thank you for everything you’re doing for us.

  • I still don’t like cnn or fox newsthere’s no room for haters

  • ••••••>> Okay, I have a question for all you smart people out there…

    Assume for a moment that Ron Paul somehow manages to best all the other candidates in the Primaries.

    Q1: Given the above hypothetical situation, if the Republican Convention fails to nominate Ron Paul what will reaction look like around the country?
    Q2: Will it undermine the credibility of the Republican National Convention and the Republican party itself?

  • congratulations ron paul it’s not first but it’s close enough

  • I wanna wish ron paul lots of luck you are a true american thank god for you I’m behind you ron paul 2012

  • Man, Ron’s looking good for his age!

  • same bullshit 3rd party question!!!! i cannot believe it this is ridiculous!!!!

  • lol i like how he basically told her fuck you at the end lol

  • RNC is rigged all the way up to November vote! Go out and get your bumper stickers now! I mailed out 240 bumper stickers already, don’t wait for the campaign or any one person to take care of road advertising, go get a bunch and help other Ron Paul Supporters show their vote and tell them to pay it forward 10x.

  • Mitt Obama is not your man, as they are one in the same. It’s just that one was born inside the US…I wonder if the MittSta would sacrifice his pension, even though he is rich??. Now for the mass media headlines – “Mitt Romney wins NH, with Jon Huntsman making Significant ground and Sandusky Santorum faltering at the gates with Perry hot on their heels. The OTHER candidates did well also” RP2012

  • Down with the Islamophobes! Ron Paul 2012!

  • Even the Republicans are against Mitt, what does that say?

  • Benton is watching that bitch like a pissed off pitbull!