Stunning Second Place Finish for Ron Paul in New Hampshire!

  • Who up for an anti Romney ad?

  • Dana Bash (real name: Dana Ruth Schwartz) is a Jewish-American, her ex-husband, Jeremy Bash, was Chief of Staff to Leon Panetta, Director of the CIA during the Plame Affair. Wolf Blitzer has dual citizenship in israel & was the top lobbyist for AIPAC.
    Research the information above, odds are that Dana & Wolf are on the CIAs payroll as paid propagandist. Zionist israel-firsters have total control over the mainstream media & through AIPAC our congress.The israel occupation of USA must END.

  • He’s gotta be so sick of that questions haha. Why doesn’t anyone ask if Romney would consider being the third party candidate? Or right. The Federal Reserve and Goldman Sachs wouldn’t pay him to do that.


  • When Ron Paul wins the Republican nomination I know someone will run 3rd party to keep him from being president.
    Remember John Anderson 1980

  • Oh’ no, not this israel firster zionist CIA shill posing as a reporter again!! Jesse, keep an eye on this sneaky bitch, you should keep Ron away from her, all she wants to do is try to deliver propaganda talking points. We’re coming into the final stretch here we cant afford to let CNN try anymore of their smear tactics on us.

  • CNN Lady “Thank you for talking with us i apreciate….it….”
    Paul walking away “Alright” *mumbles under breath* ‘damn biased media skank’

    ROFL Paul snubs that biotch.

  • Listen up Ron Paul fags ! Convert to Islam or die !

  • Isnt this lady married to some War Profiteer ?

    I know shes recognizes herself as a Jew and shes tied with someone quite powerful

  • CNN doing its finest at damage control. The gracious way of asking if he would ask his supporters to back another republican nominee.

  • CNN doing it’s finest at damage control. The gracious way of asking if he would ask his supporters to back another republican nominee other than him.

  • The media keeps up with the 3rd party question to scare the rank and file GOP, because they fear facing paul against Obama. The numbers show Paul will pull away Obama’s independent voters. That is why they keep asking, fear uncertainty and doubt is the game of the establishment.

  • I like this man as a person, and believe in most of what he stands for. Only time will tell if America will pick him.

  • Huntsman and Gingrich both attempting to give Paul’s talking points at their speeches – get those two out of the race and Paul is winning this thing.

  • Who else could finish a very strong third place in the Iowa caucuses & second in the New Hampshire primary & get asked immediately about if they are going to run as a third party candidate???

  • Omg that fucking question about third party… I hear that shit in my sleep

  • Typical Jew /satanist repeater.

  • I bet Dana Bash is really worried now!

  • get off the mans dick bout running 3rd party

  • I’m from the U.K but I really hope America wakes up in time to realize just how biased and manipulative the MSM is and has been towards Ron Paul. Vote for this man if you give a damn about the future of your country. The only sane voice or man of integrity in the running. Ron Paul 2012!

  • YES, YES, YES!!! Come on Ron!

    When is CNN going to give up? 139 x same question. Why? Because real issues are too scary.