Stunning Second Place Finish for Ron Paul in New Hampshire!

  • Considering how much time, effort and $ that clown Ronmey put into NH, this second place result is huge!

  • Ron Paul is a douchebag voted in to 2nd by a bunch of idiots


  • That bitch is so damn annoying. how many times can u ask someone the same question!

  • Two choices, Ron Paul or Obama

  • FreedomIsAbsolute

    What I wanna know is how in the world did they cast Romney/Paul/Huntsman 1st, 2nd, 3rd so early? I mean it is 11:50 pm and they only reported 95% of the vote so far. Yes Mitt/Ron/Jon are in that order, but I just want to know how in the world they were able to declare that at 7 pm. I also read an article from the Washington Post at noon today declaring them in that order and calling it official. Do these people have future ESP goggles or what? Any how, I am very pleased with the results, but must say: people have to stop voting on appearence. Romney is bought by wallstreet. Look at his donors for cryin out loud. He also gives so many speeches without actually saying anything. It is all talking points. How can people fall for that? Herd mentality I guess.

  • They are so scared Ron Paul will run as a third party candidate and take votes from Romney (the establishment guy) and Obama (last year’s establishment guy).

  • runmate

    I can see what she is asking, what is the future of the movement he has started. its not a personal question about him running as a third party it’s about his movement which is obviously big enough to make a third, right wing type party. but he knows that last time he ran as a third party, and every election. its a 2 party race. it’s almost an insult to ask him to go back to what he was doing back then and poll low again. but isn’t that what all this is about and leading to (but in a bigger way)?

  • djt

    I live in a democratic county in Florida and have talked a great deal about Ron Paul to others. Lots of Democrats are open to Ron Paul even if they don’t agree with everything as in the pro-choice issue. These same people would vote Obama over Romney. I am independent and have voted for both parties over the years. I would vote for Ron Paul…absolutely.

  • This woman, Dana Bash is always in Ron Paul’s face.
    I don’t trust her!

  • djt

    I noticed the same thing as you and it was very close…..perhaps even more for Ron Paul because the reporter trailed off oddly in his count for Romney. It is unbelievable how owned that journalism has become. Nothing but trained journalists spoon feeding the American public. I’ve been waiting for this to no longer be hidden for years so am very happy to see they cannot smother it, even if they still diminish the truth.

  • and why are people so happy about this? he LOST
    ron paul will never win the republican race so keep dreaming. mitt romney 2012!

  • That ‘reporter’, Dana Bash, a Jewish American, has publicly stated she is ‘worried’ about Ron Paul continuing his campaign. This Zionist whore needs to be canned.

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  • djt

    There are also MANY democrats that will vote for Ron Paul but never for another Republican. People that think Mitt has greater ability to win over Obama are wrong.

  • djt

    Amazing! Great job. For years the media has intentionally ‘erased’ Ron Paul…..the American citizens are finally living what Ron Paul has warned of for years AND now he can no longer be denied. Best of luck in South Carolina. I saw a lot of hands raised by southerners on CNN for Ron Paul, even though the reporter did not acknowledge it. Ron is refreshing in the midst of political rhetoric. Real talk for real issues.

  • Apparently voting machines are more trustworthy that human vote counting…

  • CNN Is showing romney 95% of the time, they are terrified of this man. Everyone on CNN is an actor. Ron Paul is the only hope for America and the rest of the world.

  • JackieNance

    “WE THE PEOPLE” are speaking to you Ron Paul, keep up the hard work…TRUTH, JUSTICE, and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS…

  • This is fucking bullshit. Paul gets 2nd place, and all the headliners on Google News are still talking about Romney, Huntsman and Santorum.

  • Top performance! Amazing he got so high with Fow News and CNN trying to obliterate the Paul campain from the public eye – and inversely brainstorming the public with Romney Romney Romney…… Great speach Paul! Keep going, there´s room. What Romney got he got: it won´t go higher – the rest distrust him because he talks the usual BS of the in-line establishment politician.