Stunning Second Place Finish for Ron Paul in New Hampshire!

  • Mitt Romney is a fake, How the hell can he even be in the race with Ron i’ll never know.

  • stop wasting ron paul’s time!


  • The RP-haters, or rather the pathetic losers who want to draw some attention to their miseable lives, are here!
    Why don’t you try to understand Ron Paul’s policies and change your lives for better?

  • She gets orders from the manipulated media (her bosses – bosses) to ask those repetitive questions. She gets paid to be a bitch.

  • Tommorow, she will ask him again, in a different accent.

  • Iowa was rigged…dont even think about discounting that idea, stop living in denial people, not saying it was rigged ok, but just study history and use some critical thinking skills..Oh look the football game is on, MMMmmmm Beer….

  • What’s the delegate count now?

  • Ron Paul 2012 the haters are just jealous

  • I noticed something huge this morning. John huntsman’s is a slightly more hawkish version of Ron Paul. Everyone knows he does not have the stamina to compete long term. The majority of his votes will swing pauls way when huntsman runs out of steam. If you take huntsman’s vote tally and pauls to combine them you get 40%. The gop knows this and are scared to hell. Never give up guys this fight is a dead heat.

  • 2nd is great but when will he win 1st? He is doing much better but I want to see him win this time.

  • yep and us Paul tards will see your idiot shot down against this clown in office now….thats ok though…your pick will prove once again after the 80th election..more of the same ole same ole…but hey u are the winners right?i mean the rest of the world hates our guts and i guess if your person wins i guess they will just keep on hateing us…and we Paul tards can watch the rich get richer and screw everyone of you asshairs lol

  • Ron Paul knows too well that he wouldn’t be nominated let alone win the presidency.But he could collect all the sponsorship he could get from his lunatic supporters as much as he can before he retires while his supporters get stripped of their wealth by this old freak.Later he would blame the federal reserve for his supporters dismal conditions.

  • ic0_0up

    If people go see the video directly from youtube you can see that the number of people that have viewed the video should be more then just 302 because the video has 795 likes.

  • THANK YOU FOR TALKING TO US!!! What? he is a media whore!

  • Hit these scum where it hurts – BOYCOTT THE MEDIA

  • troops are still in iraq, and its 3 years later

  • Everyone bashing Dr. Ron Paul is bought out by the other Status-Quo candidates and the Elitist controlled Media! I applaud your effort skum. But WE are winning!!! RON PAUL 2012! FOR FREEDOM and LIBERTY!!!

  • Obama has done nothing he promised? That’s why the troops are out of Iraq.

  • The Paultards complained the vote was fixed in Iowa. But, it wasnt fixed here even though he finished a distant second.

  • Not that fucking bitch again. I have strong urges to kick her in the cunt.