Stunning Second Place Finish for Ron Paul in New Hampshire!

  • This lady is very stupid/not very smart. Is obvious by now Ron is a real strong contender and she keeps putting Paul down… She’s definitely following “the media” status quo so she can get her check..;)

  • All these LIKES on this video lets turn them into real votes. Please people go vote for Ron Paul


  • Please call CNN and tell them how wonderful they are:

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    Phone: 404-827-1500
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    Online feedback:
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  • why does ron paul always seem so butthurt ?

  • The enemies are thew fed and the illegal income tax…

  • The romney republicans are not mean, they´ve just been so thoroughly brainwashed like most americans that they haven´t a clew. They need to be educated about how the world works. They need to stop thinking that the other human beings living on the planet are savage animals and want to destroy them and their way of life. They need to understand that the US has been on the slippery slope to fascism since the early 1900´s. US is turning like nazi germany. Save us Ron Paul!

  • She is really scared !

  • Ron Paul 2012!

    Wish she would treat Ron Paul fairly at all times, instead of after people are done voting. The whole last minute smears and spin she did before, c’mon now!


  • Ron Paul and Ron Paul supporters needs to talk about how Mitt Romney is financially backed by the same mega-banks (Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, etc) as Barrack Obama. People need to know they are two different puppets with the same fist up their ass.


  • We the Ron Paul people are wide awake and Do Not eat Lamestream Feedia Junkfood

  • I wish we had a ron paul (portugal)

  • I really hope Ron Paul keeps his cool after they ask him the 3rd party question for the 372nd time. They’re trying to get a reaction out of him so they can blow it out of proportion.

  • hear the tone in her voice wheb she says the thank you at the end? ….so telling.

  • Ron Paul is a hero

  • Haha! Ron is a fucking boss. I just had to laugh how he walks away. Like most of us, he hates the Cartoon News Network (CNN)

  • Why do they keep suggesting that he runs as a third party candidate. The owners of this country are telling him to run as a third party candidate through their controlled media.

  • These media “Pin Heads” keep asking the same questions over and over and must be expecting a different answer. (Definition of Insanity) However, they are speaking to the most consistent person on planet earth! He keeps giving them the same answer to their very tired round of questioning. Will they ever learn? Ron Paul 2012!

  • I got huge repect for Ron Paul, And I find it really sad that big business today has so much influence over politics. And I get upset with the direction we are headed , I some times wonder if I would be better off living in a 3rd world country.

  • Jesse Benton’s mind: “careful what you say Dana….i’m watching you… i’m in the backround. hard to miss. ‘there is no Dana only Zuol’….”