GOP Strategist: Ron Paul Is the Only Electable Alternative to Mitt Romney

  • i love this judge good to see him taking a stand against the mainstream media.this canadian from vancouver is for RON PAUL!!!!


  • +1 for some dependable leadership. We need to stop meddling in the middle east and focus on us. Start walking the walk instead of talking a whole bunch of talk. Our nation is like a winded walrus. We should be working on improving our vessel and not destroying it. We should be shooting for the stars and not our planet.

  • 5 dislikes are from ppl who still think Ron Paul is racist… they’re making black ppl look bad.

  • 5 ppl DISliked this? soo.. Obama, Santorum, Romney, Perry, and Gingrich?

  • This is the best news analysis I have seen so far. Speaks what I have been thinking and that is Ron Paul has a solid base. The media portrays us as kooks but I see a wide spectrum of Independents, Republicans, Libertarians, Democrats, liberals and conservatives who differ but agree on LIBERTY. Ron Paul can be elected and help unite us. As an Independent conservative I gladly vote for Paul and hope more Republicans in FL consider this and do the same on Jan. 31st. Status quo is killing us, go RP

  • I watched the New Hampshire results on C-Span because I thought it was the fair source for news. Imagine my surprise when they deferred to a local station which omitted Ron Paul’s name from the results ticker. Then during Ron Paul’s speech, they had more “technical difficulties” and lost a minute or so of it. It’s hard to find honest news these days.

  • That truly is the choice–more of the same with Romney or true change with Ron Paul

  • I wish I had fox business so I could watch the honorable judge napolitano

  • Why have all the comments on the new Ron Paul videos disabled? I don’t think that came from Ron’s channel! Does anyone know why they are disabling comments.

  • I wish Romney would tame some of his ideas cuz he has some really good ones but others are just bat shit crzy and would bring us back to the stone age lol

  • Is anyone else getting a no comments allowed for the 2 newest videos? I am….

  • YouTube 911GATE.
    The #OccupyWallStreet Deception

    American Autumn Was An Inside Job

  • Ron Paul’s the only candidate. Barack Romney are the same dude along with the rest.

  • Speaking of media bias in the reporting of the New Hampshire primary results — the mainstream media completely ignored the fact that Ron Paul came in second IN THE DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY, as well.

    That so many Democrats would bother to turn out and write in “Ron Paul” when they knew in advance their votes weren’t going to go to any delegates is quite telling and supports Ron Paul’s contention that he’s the only candidate that has any chance of defeating Barack Obama.

    Only Ron Paul is electable.

  • Only alternative to Mittens Romney? No. Dr.Paul is the only candidate.

  • FOX business, thank you very much for a substantive analysis.

  • ron paul all day

  • I hope this message of it being a head-to-head match gets out there. I feel most of Romney’s votes come from people who just think he’s the only one that can win, which is absurd.

  • williameray

    I have just become a fan of Freedom Watch!!!