Ron Paul: More than 70% of Americans Are With Me on Foreign Policy

  • They just keep throwing that (kookie) out there to keep it alive in the undecided voters mind,all the while trying to make it look like they have good intentions.. your unkindness to Mr Paul reflects your character. I find it very disheartening living in a society filled with so much animosity!
    “Truth is treason in the empire of lies.”
    Ron Paul, The Revolution: A Manifesto- Read the book MSM,you might learn something!


  • A conservative state, yet all of the phony candidates who want more endless wars, no spending cuts, voted for the bailout, and wipe their ass with the Constitution and call it patriotic are leading in the polls. So many Americans are FUCKING retarded.

  • I didn’t think I would be free in my life. Hell, I didn’t even know I was a slave. I can smell freedom in the air. President Paul, 2012.

  • I LOVE what he’s wearing! That suit and tie is beautiful.

  • Ron Paul is spreading!

  • They are so rude. Dr. Paul is a champion of dealing with these low class talking heads. RON PAUL OR BU$T!

  • People criticize Ron Pauls supporters for being young, naive, and ignorant. Well while the older voters are watching football and Dancing With The Stars or whatever the fuck, I’m educating myself. I’m studying the Federal Reserve, foreign policy, the Constitution, economics, you name it. I watch the debates like they’re a football game. I look at each candidate, compare their platform, and make an informed decision. I’m 10X more informed than your average old MSM watching condescending voter.

  • i think the guy on the left is secretly a paul supporter; look at the way he nonverbally responds to what paul says

  • If you vote for anyone other than Ron Paul your voting for Slavery. The Idea of the Constitution is not crazy. Your face is Kookie bicth!

  • ghandi jonh lennon dahli lama malcom x the founding fathers muhamid ali jfk ron paul 2012 FREEDOM IS ALIVE AGIAN

  • Fox News HATES Ron Paul. One more reason I hate News Corp.

    Unplug your tv, get your mind right, and vote for Dr. Paul.

  • Look if u vote Mitt ur a retard .. and if wins and in 2 years u start calling him stupid.. its your fault…

    RON PAUL 2012 !

  • Dr. Paul is surging in all the polls even with all the corp. media hit jobs on him and all these bozos can come up with is kooky??seriously??
    lmao they have thrown every thing they have at him and it has failed so now they resort to just calling him names, yea thats a winning strategy. They have no facts and no arguement, what a desperate joke they are.

  • there are more younger people that know about the New World Order and know that Ron is the only one that can save us.

  • three kookie fox reporters

  • three fox clowns

  • viva ron paul

  • viva ron paul

  • “I think your spirit has to be young if your attracted to young people.”

    RAWR Ron Paul, dirrty!

  • On YouTube it’s 100%.