Ron Paul: More than 70% of Americans Are With Me on Foreign Policy

  • that lady’squestions are like tying to sabotage ron even in a past video but he always responds well

  • If all else fails

  • Maybe this dip shit could save Iran some time and just give them some of our nukes Obama already gave them some of our top technology with donating the drone. The good thing is , is there is no way in holy hell Ron Paul will ever be president. Face it ,it is not going to happen so just vote for somebody with some balls and be done with it.


  • Ron Paul for president!
    Regards from Portugal!!

  • The white house is not a nursing home, sorry Paul, look else where.

  • Ron Paul will kill us all!!!!!!

  • 70% are against Ron Paul on foreign policy…that’s what he meant to say! He’s senile.

  • Ron Paul is not a conservative, nor a true Republican.

    • Josh

      Nor is he for the goverment running sh*t. Let the people control education, and gun control… I don’t see any problem with any of it.

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    ★ ☆ ★ ☆ RON PAUL 4 PRESIDENT 2012 ☆ ★ ☆ ★

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  • AJWeberman
  • I didn’t know even those who are not from the USA are supporting Ron Paul.
    Im American and to tell you the truth I dont think the shadow of our government is going to let Ron Paul win. Im impressed by the number of supporters but its sad that the antagonist are going to win.

  • Vote Ron Paul, regards from Wales

  • I am from London and from the American politics that i have watched and read for the past 10 years this man makes the most sense, Hope they ban that shitty Fox News

  • Stop voting for those other fools running. TIME TO WAKE UP PPL.

    RON PAUL 2012

  • the reason Ron Paul attracts younger voters is because his ideas are best received by open minded individuals. Closed minded old establishment voters don’t really care about taking the country in a better direction. As long as they can buy their $5 starbucks and watch their 60″ flat screens, they’re content. Fox is disgusting the way they hold their nose and report anything about Ron Paul. Especially the beady-eyed jew on the right. He’s a prototypical zionist shill who wants war with Iran.



    Best ROn Paul commercial hahahahahahhahahah

  • Americans please vote for Ron Paul ! from Hungary

  • vote Ron Paul, regards from Canada

  • vote Ron Paul, regards from Canada

  • Wow did you notice the end of the video… okay alright alright bye. Ron Paul all the way to president! for the sake of Americas future