Ron Paul: More than 70% of Americans Are With Me on Foreign Policy

  • She’s hot but I hate her.

  • Ron Paul I like him because he’s NOT FOR SALE!


  • Until RON PAUL gets a 1st. Place Finish or 2 and is reported by Main Stream Media I will go on believing that ‘Ol Mitt Romney will be the next President. The Election process is ” FIXED “, the ELITES ARE IN POWER and their agenda is Protected. The ONLY Way RON PAUL will become President is if the ” Turn Outs ” at these events are UNDENIABLY , OVERWHELMINGLY , In favor of RON PAUL. ( Like over 50 % ) otherwise the Media will continue to LIE and say that he lost by a point or two to Mitt Romney.


  • The “Pin Headed” media try to “Trip Up” Ron Paul, but never do. Their own questions end up making them look stupid! Ron Paul is and has the most consistent message of any candidate running for office. He sticks to his conservative / positive message of Freedom and Liberty and it has taken or is taking hold. I’ll never understand why anyone, especially the general public at large, would want to support the “Status Quo” and this goes for the media. Why? What is in it for them? Ron Paul 2012

  • Be careful Dr. Paul. These media whores have absolutely no respect for you. These self-admiring, overpaid bums are your sworn enemies. FOX, CNN, CBS, etc., are now scratching their heads about your success. They can’t accept the idea that Americans want to be truly free. Be ready for it, because these media creeps and their cronies are trying to figure some new ways to subvert the Ron Paul Constitutional idea of liberty and your campaign in general.

  • Dr Paul will Not get elected, only because evil rules over good in USA, unfortunately.

  • WOW faux news, for once you don’t seem to be an unbiased bunch of media ‘presstitutes’ OMFG keep it up and you might get some people to trust you guys once again….But don’t hold your breath.

  • Fox is going to the CNN path

  • Dr Paul.. from Australia…Congrats on your 2nd place finish…
    You are an inspiration and I hope the American people continue to hear your message and support you..
    Your foriegn policy is cooky? you are the only candidate who proposes a policy of mutual respect and understanding…..What Romney said in his acceptance speech in NH in regard to the US leading the world and having a Military so powerful etc chilled me…Only you seem to know that respect is never earnt through intimidation

  • I am from London, but all Americans must vote for this guy. Amazing guy

  • The TV presenters are pretty dumb if all they can talk about is “kookiness” :s

    Paul is right – it’s kooky to attack nations that have posed no threat to us, it’s kooky to spend trillions on policing the world WHEN OUR OWN NATION NEEDS HELP FIRST!!

    Vote Paul. Vote sense!!!

  • omg this bitch, “cooky”… eat a fuckin dick

  • You damn right he garnered 50% of the young vote. They’re not easily fooled by fear and war mongering. It’s just like the establishment to prey on our elder people’s weaknesses. What a sick bunch of creaps.

  • Arent they just so polite to him now. Surprising how a lap dog behaves when he realises who is the boss and that he is in the house.
    Look how they spoke of Ron Paul 3 months ago.

  • RON PAUL keeps failing in stopping Tyranny and Slavery
    Thomas Jefferson and James Madison is my Evidence. Now give me yours.

  • This is a message to all the young people who support Ron Paul. Show his videos to your parents, relatives, uncles, aunts, and those senior in your family who do not use internet regularly, but are exposed to the brainwashing of media controlled by the war supporting minority in the government. Show it to them before it becomes too late, and they start regulating the internet as well. Show them videos which clearly demonstrate how the media is sabotaging Ron Paul. Its all very clear why.

  • False flag attack must be in the making by the warmongers as this continues…dont believe the hype when it happens.

  • Listen smart ass, are you trying to say that your information about Iran’s nuclear program are more accurate and credible than Leon Panetta ?
    So instead of war mongering go and see this video :Panetta: Iran not trying to build a nuke, they are trying to build capability.
    It’s on the YouTube, just type and you’ll see.
    If you still think the same like before you probably just need zip it up forever.
    Ron Paul 2012

  • Fox news are a bunch of war mongering neo-cons! Ron Paul 2012!