The GOP’s Best Kept Secret Revealed: Ron Paul Is Electable and Can Beat Obama

  • See you in about a week? I wonder what they have planned? Maybe a little demonization of Ron Paul. The arrogance that he displayed is despicable.
    Ron Paul 2012


  • doug wead is boss

  • 3:43 news reporter gets a message in his ear “end this interview, he’s owning our ass”

  • Beware establishment. Be very afraid corrupted fat cats. Ron Paul is an idea and it is spreading like wildfire. Godspeed good doctor.

  • Informed people will vote for Ron Paul. We need to get more and more people informed so we can save this once great nation.

  • “We’re gonna check in about a week, see how you feel”

    fuck this reporter fucking idiot

  • I love that sarcastic laugh… he gets how the media is so arrogant and not really wanting Ron to get a fair shot

  • fox news sux

  • I love Doug Wead. Such a great Sr. advisor.

  • Holy crap, this Doug Wead guy just gets better and BETTER.

  • If no Ron Paul then Obama. That simple.

  • What a smug creep this Fox info-twat is.Doug Wead Rocks!

  • RON PAUL 2012!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Record breaking ^^

  • is anybody else getting cut off at 38 seconds?

  • i tried to like this vid but same shit i have to sign in im already signed in wtf .oh well RON PAUL 2012. and i almost forgot bill go and fuck yourself

  • Doug Wead is like an American Dalai Lama

  • If you live in one of these important primary states or know people that reside in them, you must tell them about Ron Paul. Not many people know that for over 30 years he’s never taken lobbyist money;votes the same every time, never flip flopping;gives a lot of his congressional budget back to Texas. This isn’t your typical politician folks! Educate your family and friends that Ron Paul isn’t your typical status quo politician and that we WILL get results by voting him in! You must do your part!

  • Is it just me or are news casters buttheads?

  • Fox news is just crap, bunch of paid off fakes, do they not realize that all these rights they are taking away from us APPLY TO THEM as well. If your not a sheep…. RON PAUL 2012!