This Is Now a Two-Man Race between Ron Paul and Mitt Romney

  • This was a great video. I never thought of that… Ron Paul at age 76, just like the spirit of 1776, and 76 trombones. I love that phrase and it’s a good one and perfect and that actually sounds like good luck. Such should said whenever someone say dumb things about his age.


  • PROOF the media uses subliminal messages and LIES to you to make you Think Ron Paul is Losing and UnElectable.

    At 2:38 They show Romney With 23 Delegates Paul with 10 and 17 for the other 4 and as they “get in more results later” they added even MORE to Romney. Thats a Total of 50 Delegates at that time.
    FOLKS there are 28 From Iowa and 12 From NH. Just HOW are they showing 50 Delegates? They add to Romney’s # later. On their Own site they show Romney 12 and Ron Paul 10 TOTAL (both elections).

  • He is a great speaker, definitely digs into sheeple unconscious and wakes them up a bit I’m sure. The guy got mad from being verbally outsmarted completely

  • Victory is in the air!

  • RON PAUL 2012 that is all that I have to say!!

  • Dang! Chris was trying to interrupt Doug HARDCORE when he was talking about the Fed!

  • same questions, different day. children could smear someone better than the media does.

  • This is a revolution of the youth! This 60’s had hippies and woodstock, the 80’s was hair metal, this generation has RON PAUL!

  • Mitt Romney!


    That is who he is!

  • Please donate on the 14th.

  • love this guy rp


  • I can’t wait to vote! Illinois supports Dr. Paul!

  • South Carolina is Coming to you on a dusty road,good politikin Ron Paul’s gotta truck load! Danger Ron Paul 2012

  • Ron Paul tells the truth to the youth.

  • Im Canadian, and i Like Stephen Harper…..But Ron Paul is Amazing!!! He makes Harper look Liberal hah! Ron Paul all the way!!

  • I really like this Jesse Benton guy. Very eloquent!

  • it’s not a two person race, but the others will go down.