Intelligence Officer: Ron Paul Is Right on Iran

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  • Senator Paul

    We’ll have to support Egypt People’s Power instability, the oppositions muslim brotherhood radical and fanaticism now worse.

    Egypt instability will affect Gaza and Israel or even the passage of Nile River to in and out of the middle east. We have to push the Congress to urgently act aids to people of egypt. Obama must stop the 1.6 billion dollars aid to morsi.


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  • Do not cite the atomic bombings we wanted a surrender and gave the Japanese twice to surrender. They refused and would fight to the end. The bombings saved hundreds more civilian lives then an invasion that you would be against.

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  • Jesus Christ said that “My sheep listen to My voice; I know them, and they follow Me” – JESUS CHRIST IS MY GOD, MY LORD, MY SAVIOR

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  • I am a proud American but I am ashamed of my government. What would our founders do if they saw what this country as become. I am ashamed to occupy a nation filled with mindless drones. It’s so depressing that more people don’t listen and vote for Ron Paul

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