Intelligence Officer: Ron Paul Is Right on Iran

  • Attacking iran would be the greatest mistake by united states in world history =(
    please dont!

  • “The bottom line it that central banking (the federal reserve) is an evil cancer, these people are selling us credit they don’t have, so they can take profits they don’t deserve out of our pockets, that’s nuts.”

    Robert D. Steele (Marine corps intelligence officer)


  • So if all of you agree with Ron Paul that we shouldn’t get involved in the middle east I guess you’re all up to paying $7-8 bucks a gallon and having our economy held hostage by Iran. Would any of you care to explain to me what good would come from Iran possessing a nuclear weapon?

  • I gave the 1,000th LIKE to this video…….:) Go President Paul!!!!

  • Ron Paul 2012!

    Arrest Bush & Obama: War Criminals!!

  • Rick Santorum tells all the government’s little assassination secrets in a video on YouTube: /watch?v=0imqLFtPk4s Check out 0:20-0:28. Then, at 0:50, he starts BRAGGING about how the government assassinates its own people!! Absolutely disgusting. Way to go, government. You’re going to get us all killed. Stop writing checks that WE THE PEOPLE have to cash.

  • Vote Ron Paul in 2012!!!!1one

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  • Ron Paul himself said in a recent video that money is TIGHT! If you did not know this like I did (I thought his campaign was getting more than sufficient money), then please donate immediately!!! We can’t let this once in a life time chance fade away! America was foolish in 2008, but now we have a god given second chance! There will be no more chances…

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  • Ron Pual wants to cut spending, stop the war, make a better defense for America, and Stop making the people pay for the goverments need for money and power. He is not the best speaker but he is a smart man that tells nothing but the truth, a true American. He will save America and the world for the future.
    Ron Pual 2012.

  • funny that people cant see theres one hidden goverment that puts out a couple candidates on diferent political parties to fool everyone… can win obama, can win ron paul or even madea and its gonna b the same shit n will get worst theres an agenda to achieve n if a president wants to fight back he will get killed “misteriously” like they did to john f kennedy n his son. Open ur eyes people!!!! im 22 str8 from Puerto Rico n im not blind is a goverment conspiracy skull n bones yale university …

  • I’m 14 and my future is in the hands of the voters! Vote RP 2012 Go!

  • Please no war with Iran… I am an Iranian American–capital AMERICAN, and I love my country, the USA. I disagree with Ron Paul’s stance on the Federal Reserve (we should definitely have one, just not one that offers ridiculously low rates to big banks who screw over the common man), but if Obama is going to start another war to get our men and women killed over in the mid-east hell hole, Ron Paul’s the clear choice. And btw, fuck the homophobe Romney! Didn’t he ever read Matthew 7:3!

  • he said Iran right. thank god someone is smart. :3

  • hey, Jewish hijacked Pentagon, you don’t fool us all Americans into believing that there is no nuclear weapons over there in the region right now. Israel is possessing 300+ nuclear weapons threatening the entire region without any proper monitoring and regulations, and nobody is seeing them as rational as well. That is the biggest loophole in our national security intelligence. Zionist Jews hijacked our Pentagon as coercion and love selling wars.

  • I think I can explain why Ron Paul said that Iran doesn’t threaten our national security: The Islamic Republic is on the other side of the globe from where the United States is – it’s NOT facing us like schoolyard bullies poking each other in the eye. However, I’m not sure if Ahmadinejad would ever send out his battleships from all the way from the Persian Gulf to the eastern coast where Washington is so they could fire missiles at us.

  • Iran will nuke us

  • “Nukular”??? Seriously??? For fuck’s sake, if you’re going to write a book and appear on national television at least know how to pronounce NUCLEAR correctly.

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