Intelligence Officer: Ron Paul Is Right on Iran

  • The reason the other republican candidates disagree with Ron Paul about Iran is because they make money on wars. Ron Paul is an honest and intelligent man and I hope he stays in the race because I know he can win. The media keeps ignoring him because they are told to.

  • I used to be against Ron Paul, until i realized Ron Paul would not take a penny out of U.S. Defense. It’s still a tad scary, because i think having bases around the world keeps countries in check.

    Only question i have about Paul is, how in the world does he plan on giving everyone a job, on top of an economy that barely has any. Not only does the American economy have no jobs, our military demands opportunity. Not the greatest situation, to pit regular Americans against Military Americans.



  • That CNN deabte last night was horse shit. Santorum, Gingrich, and Romney got to talk way more than Ron Paul. The crowd had to start booing so Ron Paul could speak about a particular issue. Then after they had a 1 hour special talking about the debate and they STILL did not mention Ron Paul nearly as much as the other warmongers. America…how are you letting your media do this….DO SOMETHING

  • SOPA – NDAA – Financial Crisis.
    I think people should start look more into “Conspiracy Theories”.

  • its proven that 50% of the the United states population wants Ron Paul to win while 30% wants Obama and the rest want one of the other candidates. But just like how Bush won twice even though it was clear in his last year he was hated by most americans.. well the world. Ron Paul wont win. Sadly because he’s exactly what this country needs.

  • If America doesnt steal Irans OIl, Americans wont have any transport fuels.
    I think the USA better hurry up and go look for WMDs in Iran before the fuel crisis has fat bastard american kids walking to school.

  • Dr Ron Paul: You must practice finishing your sentences clearly and strongly. The world counts on it.

  • I heard Ron Paul tried to use the Constitution as toilet paper!!!! But I’ll still vote for him because he is sexxxaaaaayyyyyy. but what about that abortion?

  • What’s more dangerous: starting unnecessary wars vs. using diplomacy and going to war ONLY as a last resort.

  • Young ppl ages 18 to 40….vote for ron paul

  • Ron paul is a true man…why cant ppl see that…it gets me pissed off

  • I love how every comment on politics, THE PEOPLE write, RON PAIL 2012


  • Ron Paul won the California GOP straw poll. So I think he has a great chance of winning CA. Probably need to get a lot more Democrats and independents coming out as well.

  • I don’t see what is wrong with building up the power at home. RON PAUL 2012

  • I’ve heard a lot that California is largely democratic. I predict that will change when Ron Paul hits Cali.
    I’m 20. I’m a young voter, and a HELLA LOT MORE of other young voters agree with Dr. Paul here. We ain’t gonna inherit a fucked up country. We’re gonna help fix this shit NOW by voting Dr. Paul.

  • Hopefully its just big talk to garnish a few votes and actually they know better. The consequences for the world economy would be catastrophic as you say. Fingers crossed Obama can guide the US away from any entanglement.

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  • Iran having nuclear power is hyped up propaganda. Iran wants to be recognized as a power in this world. and it seems the only way for power is owning nuclear weapons I mean seriously, do you think Iranian government would martyr their entire population men women and children against israel or anything other country?…. if iran launched a nuclear strike on Israel it would risk immediate nuclear retaliation from USA…