Ron Paul Surges to 20% in South Carolina

Photo by Gage Skidmore

1. Mitt Romney 29% (-2)
2. Newt Gingrich 25% (+1)
3. Ron Paul 20% (+11)
4. Rick Perry 9% (+7)
5. Rick Santorum 7% (-17)
6. Jon Huntsman 1% (-1)

Ron Paul now polls an even stronger top three in the key early voting state of South Carolina, according to a new survey.

In the latest ARG poll Paul is in third place garnering 20 percent, with Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich in first and second place with 29 and 25 percent, respectively. Other poll highlights include Paul polling strongest of all candidates among independents, and Paul polling strong among Tea Party members.

ARG polled 600 likely Republican primary voters on January 11th and 12th. Since the last poll of its kind taken January 4th to 5th, Paul gained the most – surging from 9 to 20 percent – while Rick Santorum lost the most, freefalling from 24 to 7 percent. In the prior poll, Paul was third at 9 percent, Gingrich and Santorum were tied for second at 24 percent, and Romney with 31 percent was first. Over the life of the ARG poll this presidential cycle, Paul’s support has grown from 1 percent in April when he declared his candidacy to 20 percent, where it is today.

“On the heels of his competitive showings in Iowa and New Hampshire, Ron Paul is now surging in the key early voting state of South Carolina. In a week’s time the congressman’s support in South Carolina has grown tremendously, attributed to the fact that more voters are learning about his platform of limited government and a return to personal and economic liberty,” said Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton.

Photo by Gage Skidmore


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  • Ron Paul is becoming more and more popular as americans become victims of their own sadism cult. The ones who still can be the dominatrix, support the others so they can play “dominator”.

  • Donate too Ron Today he needs to put out more commercials

  • Why haven’t people realized that Newt Gingrich is a total piece of SHIT! I mean c’mon man! The guy cheats on his wife when he was ripping on Clinton, and the guy takes what money he can from what is ultimately the common/middle class American (which is slowly dying.) People need to wake up and realize that Ron Paul is the only candidate who can truly restore America!

  • Wake up you fuckin’ sheep!! If Ron Paul doesn’t become president we’re all fucked. Come on South Kackilack! Make the right decision this time and vote for Dr. Paul!

  • RON PAUL for president and i am Canadian

  • Corporate media is pure propaganda, its not real journalism. They shape peoples ideas with their fake polls and tell you who is “electable” with their “experts”. People are waking up now, realizing its all fake. Ron Paul 2012.

  • Why is it those polls never add up?

  • Ron Paul 2012

    lets give him a win S.C.
    and make these rich bass-turds crap in their pants!
    muuuhahahahahahaha !!!

  • Ron Paul 2012

    lets give him a win S.C.
    and make these rich bass-turds crap in their pants!
    muuuhahahahahahaha !!!

  • Mark your dollar bills with “Ron Paul 2012” thought this was a great idea and am passing it along.


  • ClintonH

    Dr. Paul

    They r’ gonna cut you in pieces they’ll cast lots for em Ron paul integrety pins, 1 per customer

    Talk like a lamb I never heard a lamb talk let alone a dragon but snakes carry a lovely tune

    Mr. paul you cant get far you know your walkin backwards right?

    A long way backwards hardly anyone lives back that way…… who are you trying to save?

    Think on savin me if you get a chance.. I live back the way your walkin me and a few good folks Noone pays us much mind these days….

    I see you got a few legs to stand on… but your tounge is being eaten its lying in the belly of some singers

    A singer only has to carry a tune till the curtain drops… and some day noone will pay to raise it up again…

    then they can sing in the gutter like the rest of us…… at that time the tune will change… will be more somber I think

  • American Muslims with Dr Pual 2012
    please america vote for a man who will save Humanity from bloodythirsty warmonger get paid to kill innocent pple


  • Faster than I expected. But damn Ron Paul is good at campaigning.

  • fuckin politico isnt reporting this

    they have RP still at 15%

    A close 3rd with over 20% in south carolina would be huge

  • DouglasCLLC

    Obama wants to down size the Federal Government by consolidating red tape and the GOP cronies are applauding this as a milestone? What a fringe. Tomas Jefferson told US that if the issuance of US Monetary policy was privately controlled that their comptrollers would create a huge Federal Government. Why did he say this? Because, this is the only way a greedy privately controlled ludicrous monetary system can be kept from total ‘self destruction’. More Laws, more Regulations, more Military all used to maintain the monopolized absurd chaos of the unconstitutional issuance of mediums of exchange. That’s why the US has such a huge Federal Government! Obama don’t got the balls to take on the ‘private central bankers’, he is their Stewart. Yea, but who has shown time and time again that he will stand up against unconstitutional monetary policy, God Bless Ron Paul 2012. Sorry, the Gold Standard is not the answer to fix the problem. All we need is the US treasury to issue new money to the people through proper representation.

    • KennyFuckinPowers

      @DouglasCLLC Sounds like Fascism doesn’t it?

      • @[email protected] “Sounds like Fascism doesn’t it?”

        Well, the true definition of “Fascism” is based on the Roman/Italian symbol of a “fasces”-a ream or bundle of hollow reeds or thin twigs bound by twine on both ends around a battle axe. The idea is that you can snap in half a single twig or reed, but if you hold enough in your hand at one time and try to snap them, they will hold fast, greater than the sum of their parts.

        Fascism, is thus defined as a strength-in-numbers philosophy that a people holding a common ideology and national identity, standing together, bound to a warrior’s oath (the axe) to resist foreign assimilation, are unbreakable.

        Our current “Two-Party” system is a farce. Millions of Americans who wouldn’t in a million years agree with me on EVERYTHING have come to the realization that Capitalist crony-ism is holding our “Republicrat” government hostage, and that the Federal Reserve is a non-Governmental agency with the literal License To Print Money. The IMF, World Bank and UN have long ago usurped American Sovereignty.


        • @[email protected]

          am an American Patriot first and foremost, but I don’t believe that our Republic will last another 236 years under Democracy. Too many people have had too many options for too long, resulting in urban blight, gang warfare, teens dropping out of school to become parents on welfare or prison inmates.

          Personal freedoms are not inherently bad, but the majority of Americans lack the intelligence and self-discipline to finish school, go to college, get a job, get married THEN HAVE CHILDREN.

          We don’t let toddlers drive. Is that an affront to “personal freedom”? We don’t let mentally ill people buy firearms if they have a record of hospitalizations and commitments. Does that go against “Liberty”?

          Americans as a whole have become no less than Insane Toddlers who need several generations of Dictatorship to save them from themselves. From there, will a Dictatorship ever revert to a Democracy? Probably not.


          Democracy has given us drugs and gang-banging. It’s replaced Beethoven with L’il Wayne.

          We have pedophilia in the form of “Dance Moms” and “Toddlers and Tiaras” and kids who have guns but have never been taken hunting or taught firearm safety.

          Democracy is shit. Freedom is self-destruction.

        • DickCheney

          @Triumph des Willens [email protected]@DouglasCLLC I advise you to vote for Gingrich, he’s only telling Israel what they want to hear. He knows how to deal with this mess and how to deal with that one over there as well. Paul isn’t going to help things he’s going to create a situation where everyone becomes contend over here and they stop fighting for their beliefs. I’d expect a new type of liberal coming out of the Paul years, ones that are Conservative in some ways yet believe in all that equality and PC bullshit nonetheless. People become happy, they stop resisting. It’s a fact. 4 more years of Obama and we’d definetly have a Revolution on our hands, not the “love” kind Ronny Paul preaches about either. The real kind.

    • KennyFuckinPowers

      @DouglasCLLC I disagree on the paper money thing, it always fails and how long before it fails again? Our grandchildren might not have a Ron Paul to fix things for them… Think in the long run, there’s nothing wrong with gold. I don’t understand why people are so against it, really doesn’t make any sense…

      • @[email protected] You’re RIGHT, KennyFuckingPowers, the Gold-Standard is the only true basis for money. Our beloved Federal Reserve is able to print all the paper money in the world, yet there is a finite amount of gold to back it up. Money is worth less than the paper it’s printed on because we’re living on borrowed, or “Fiat” money.

        The fruit of your labor, i.e. your paycheck, is taxed at a higher percentage than the taxes you’d pay if you made a good investment, sat on your ass, and collected your dividend checks.

        Paper money was supposed to represent gold, penny-for-penny, pound-for-pound, so that you didn’t have to carry gold around and risk being robbed of it. But now, we put trust in the paper we carry even though it represents non-existent quantities of gold. It’s the basis of a “fiat” economy. If you give me $1,000 worth of gold to hold in my bank for you, and somebody needs, $250 until they get their next paycheck, I lend them 1/4th of the money you had me hold. At a usurious fee of 50%, they have to pay me $375. So when you come to get your $1,000, I can’t give you but $750 until they pay the loan back. So when they do, I give you not the $250, but say, $275-25 dollars for your inconvenience-I still have an extra $100. That interest I earned and cut you in on was “Fiat” money. If I only asked for the original $250 and paid it to you when it came due, that extra $100 would not “exist”, and I would have no purpose in running the bank that held your $1,000 to begin with. That $100 is my reason to exist. Who am I? The Jew.

        • DickCheney

          @Triumph des Willens [email protected]@DouglasCLLC Yea, and you want Ron Paul to take the restraints off of them… sigh. Gingrich is only telling those idiots what they want to hear. You lick their boots and bring up things they approve us and you’ll get them eating out of your hand. I prefer Gingrich over Santorum but either one of them can have my vote.

        • drummertimmy

          @DickCheney I dont believe that lying and bsing people is the correct way to handle them. Honesty is always the best policy

  • drummertimmy

    I like these videos. Constantly reaffirming why Dr. Paul is the best solution to help us start fixing our country.