Ron Paul Surges to 20% in South Carolina

Photo by Gage Skidmore

1. Mitt Romney 29% (-2)
2. Newt Gingrich 25% (+1)
3. Ron Paul 20% (+11)
4. Rick Perry 9% (+7)
5. Rick Santorum 7% (-17)
6. Jon Huntsman 1% (-1)

Ron Paul now polls an even stronger top three in the key early voting state of South Carolina, according to a new survey.

In the latest ARG poll Paul is in third place garnering 20 percent, with Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich in first and second place with 29 and 25 percent, respectively. Other poll highlights include Paul polling strongest of all candidates among independents, and Paul polling strong among Tea Party members.

ARG polled 600 likely Republican primary voters on January 11th and 12th. Since the last poll of its kind taken January 4th to 5th, Paul gained the most – surging from 9 to 20 percent – while Rick Santorum lost the most, freefalling from 24 to 7 percent. In the prior poll, Paul was third at 9 percent, Gingrich and Santorum were tied for second at 24 percent, and Romney with 31 percent was first. Over the life of the ARG poll this presidential cycle, Paul’s support has grown from 1 percent in April when he declared his candidacy to 20 percent, where it is today.

“On the heels of his competitive showings in Iowa and New Hampshire, Ron Paul is now surging in the key early voting state of South Carolina. In a week’s time the congressman’s support in South Carolina has grown tremendously, attributed to the fact that more voters are learning about his platform of limited government and a return to personal and economic liberty,” said Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton.

Photo by Gage Skidmore


  • We’re in VT too

    For many centuries Jewish populations tried to live as minorities in Christian and Muslim countries. The Christian and Muslim world had all that time to demonstrate that they could create an environment in which minorities could live freely, unmolested and with equal rights. In all that time, they couldn’t or wouldn’t do it. Finally, it was decided that the only way was for there to be one place in the world where Jews would not be a minority. So the state of Israel was created. Since then, nothing much has changed, as can be seen by some of the comments on this page.

    If you would like to live in a world without a Jewish state, take a sharp knife and cut that engorged hate gland out of your gut and start letting other people live where they want to live without being persecuted. The ball is in your court.

    • SeanOFarrell

      @We’re in VT too Ron Paul isn’t for these idiotic policies. He’s a man of the prople, he’s also not responsible for the idiots and swine who support him. Was Bush or Obama responsible for the Muslim haters or for Obama the Black Panthers who supported him? No. Ron Paul has made his message clear, so for all you ignorants you will be disappointed. Ron is a man of his word and his legacy isn’t a part of yours. Vote for him or not, either way we know the MSM is against him and wants to use anything anyone or any idiot says who will vote for him against him, do ou stand for me? No, but Ron Paul does and he stands for all Human kind who supports liberty, Justice and freedom so either way do as you wish , believe as you want but Ron Paul isn’t responsible for all the idiots and scum of the world. RON PAUL 2012 ! LIBERTY !!!

      • SeanOFarrell

        @We’re in VT too Also, these comments seem to be from the same person as they seem to have raised the same questions and the same tone. I believe we , the Ron Paul movement have been infiltrated by a troll and fools here seem to have taken the bait… sad. What would Ron say? How distasteful and unchristian of you all…


        @[email protected]’re in VT too

        “Oh! then tell me, Shawn O’Ferrall, Tell me why you hurry so?” “Hush ma bouchal, hush and listen”, And his cheeks were all a-glow. “I bear ordhers from the captain, Get you ready quick and soon, For the pikes must be together At the risin’ of the moon”. At the risin’ of the moon, at the risin’ of the moon, For the pikes must be together at the risin’ of the moon.

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        There beside the singing river That dark mass of men was seen, Far above the shining weapons Hung their own beloved green. “Death to ev’ry foe and traitor! Forward! strike the marchin’ tune, And hurrah, my boys, for freedom! ‘T is the risin’ of the moon”. ‘T is the risin’ of the moon, ‘t is the risin’ of the moon, And hurrah my boys for freedom! ‘t is the risin’ of the moon.

        Well they fought for poor old Ireland, And full bitter was their fate (Oh! what glorious pride and sorrow Fill the name of Ninety-Eight). Yet, thank God, e’en still are beating Hearts in manhood’s burning noon, Who would follow in their footsteps, At the risin’ of the moon! At the rising of the moon, at the risin’ of the moon, Who would follow in their footsteps, at the risin’ of the moon.

  • I like Ron Paul. He makes sense, common sense. Back to the basics people. Time to go old school.

  • ProudTEX

    Do you people really and honestly believe this ARG poll? There more people show up to Ron Paul event then any other candidate. More bumper sticker on vehicles for Ron Paul than any other candidate. There more talk about Ron Paul on the internet than any other runner. So what is up these numbers? Could it be like YouTube hits that just won’t go beyond 301 for Ron Paul videos but like are at thousands and a few dislikes? Have you notice that crap?

    God Bless Ron Paul.

    • USMarineSAWSGunner

      @ProudTEX Yea I know, sometimes it just doesn’t seem to add up… :/

      • USMarineSAWSGunner

        @ProudTEX Also, the YT hits do that when the video is viral and too many are watching. YT freezes the counter and updates later on, sometimes days, weeks and even months. It does this to any viral video, music vids, bullshit, ect. This is constantly coming up and once you find out the truth you feel like you gotta set people strait. However, I agree with you on everything else you said. Cheers

      • @[email protected] They stuff the polls. That way it want look so bad when they stuff the ballot boxes.

  • USMarineSAWSGunner

    This is fucked up. People better wake up quick.

  • Thanks for posting this. The sooner we learn to distinguish between “Anti-Zionism” and “Hating Jewish People” the sooner we can get down to the very serious business of dismantling the Zionist Occupation Government and free ourselves from tyranny the way we did the first time. In 1776.

    • JackieGleason

      @Triumph des Willens 1488 FREEEEEDOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!

    • AngelEyes

      @Triumph des Willens 1488 Why you got to hate Mexican people holmes? Maybe if you change your tune we may change ours. Ever think of that? 🙁

      • @AngelEyes I DON’T hate Mexican people. I was actually raised in Jehovah’s Witnesses and there were a lot of Latinos in our congregation. The problem with illegal immigration is that by working for less than minimum wage, illegals are undercutting the wage demand. You know perfectly well that the exchange rate is $1 US=$13 worth of Pesos. At even just a Dollar an hour, you can earn $104 in 8 hours once that money’s wired to Mexico.

        Another problem is that frequently, more than one family of illegals occupies a single-family dwelling. Landlords and property managers are constantly having to perform repairs years before they should have to because in a year, 2 or 3 families are putting 3 years worth of wear-and-tear on a home in one year.

        Oh, how about throwing ass-wiped toilet paper in the dustbin instead of flushing it?

        The simple fact is that there is a correct way to immigrate to the US. You put in the paperwork, you take the Citizenship exam and you learn English. It’s not up to you to decide which laws you wish to obey and which you want to dispense with.

      • AngelEyes

        @Triumph des Willens 1488 Most landlords are Jews , who cares…

      • @AngelEyes Well, that’s a conundrum for the ages….but in all seriousness, I’ve seen a lot of arrogance being expressed by “pro immigration” protesters, by which I mean, pro ILLEGAL immigration protesters. Many of them carry the Mexican flag while trampling the USA flag. Others demand that we recognize Aztlan borders. The simple fact is the law is the law and if somebody is here by any means other than having completed the Citizenship process or by obtaining a work/student visa, they’re in violation of the law.

      • AngelEyes

        @Triumph des Willens 1488 Well some think of the system as bullshit… Can you blame them? Mexico basically believes in the same thing as you and always has…. You can’t win without supporters of other races… Why all the hate? Fuck the system, it wasn’t us it’s those who created it, look at how Europe functions., minus the arabs and africans…

      • AngelEyes

        @Triumph des Willens 1488 We are of the same principals and we are willing to die and fight for them, our people, tradition, and values… Wake up and support us, the Mexican brown berets are your opposite equals… Stand up and lose the ignorance you call pride… Show us some support , your and our enemy is the establishment. Give Israel and Iraq help? Why not help us to make a Nation again? Wtf man C’mon?

      • AngelEyes

        @Triumph des Willens 1488 We used to be great and proud… people in America think that if a Mexican thinks the plumbing in America is as bad as it is in Mexico they are stupid, they also think that if an American speaks to a Mexican and the Mexican doesn’t understand them then they are dumb… Try to speak spanish to them, you’ll see we aren’t stupid just the language barrier is ignorance… USA doesn’t learn any languages, Europeans know 4 to 5 languages, it’s what the system wants you to know…. They don’t want you to know to much, they want you to be Americans and that’s all. Cattle….

      • AngelEyes

        @Triumph des Willens 1488 I’m just sick of my fellow Latinos siding with the blacks, this is trouble brewing… Blacks and Latino’s don’t mix, the only thing keeping us is the status quo and your hate….

      • @AngelEyes You gotta get off this “hate” kick. The mainstream media presume to use the terms “Hate group” and “Far-right” to define the NSM. Our political ideology is centrist. From the right, we side with pro-second-amendment issues and we do not think it’s in the best interest of children to be exposed to a pro-Homosexual agenda. We agree, however, with the “Left” when it comes to the right of free healthcare. Nobody should die because they don’t have the money to pay already-rich big-pharma cronies their pound of Flesh

      • AngelEyes

        @Triumph des Willens 1488 Well you also need to side with us…

      • AngelEyes

        @Triumph des Willens 1488 Obviously we agree with you….

      • @[email protected] des Willens 1488 No one hates Mexicans. All that I see are hard workers. But what we do not like is illegals who take our taxes and pay in nothing. Would you like that if you were a Mexican citizen and I come to Mexico and got your social security, free health care and schooling and I paid nothing into your system? Come legal, pay your taxes, learn to speak English and abide by our Constitution and I have no problem with you what so ever. Come illegal, take my social security and health care for free and I am all for sending you packing no matter what the circumstances. I also do not think a child of an illegal Allen should get automatic citizenship. The US is the only country which allows this to happen and it should stop.

  • ProudTEX

    Thanks for sharing; The fascist media like CNN, NBC BBC, FOX and SEE BS don’t have such journalism ability and news program and even if they do I have’t watch them since god knows when. Thanks RT (Russia Today)

    *** RON PAUL FOR 2012 ***

    • @ProudTEX Misuse of the word “Fascist”.

      • ProudTEX

        @Triumph des Willens 1488 I am sorry, fascist word is a copyright of Zionist.I shall be more carefully in conversation. You right.

      • @[email protected] No worries. Thanks for the correction.

        Ask yourself: Why has the Auschwitz Museum been forced to reduce to reduce its death toll twice? How do they claim that 2,000 Jewish inmates were “gassed” at one time while only 15 of them were “cremated” at once.

        Why would Germany, stretching its budget to fight a war on two fronts, bother to round up Jewish people into trains, inventory them, check their health on arrival….just to kill them when they could have killed them where they stood? The concentration camps were forced labor and deportation centers, not “death camps”. Why, in his book entitled “Night”, Eli Wiesel cites seven times that he was sent to showers and that they were really showers, NOT disguised gas chambers. The Zionist opposition to Ron Paul only scratches the surface.


  • drummertimmy

    Thats some scary stuff right there. What other social media sites are there besides FB that we can post this on to bring more attention to this hijacking of American politics?

  • RPGofFreedom

    Oh my god. Everyone should be forced to watch this. Those sons of bitches. We need Ron Paul NOW !

    • @RPGofFreedom Zionist provocateurs have long stood against the US’s sovereignty, but have been behind the scenes. If Ron Paul accomplishes nothing else this run, he will have at least drawn the cockroaches out into the light where we can see them for what they are. Parasites.

      • USMarineSAWSGunner

        @Triumph des Willens [email protected] Instead of selling our country to the Communists we sold it to the Zionists and the UN.

      • @[email protected] First, Thank You, USMSAWSG, for your service. I don’t agree with Presidents Obama and Bush about every policy you’ve carried out, but I appreciate your having sworn to defend the Constitution, and that is something we are indebted to you for more than can be measured.

        As for the Communists, the worst thing was, we became allies with the Reds and then carved up Germany and the biggest spoils of war were the rocket scientists and other technicians.

        We kept the Germans occupied on the Western Front whereas had they had all of their assets on the Eastern, they could have beat back Stalin’s Red Army.

        Most people don’t realize that the German-American community fused the Friends of New Germany and the Tutonia into the German-American Bund-or “Bond”-which was America’s first National Socialist Party.

        It is them with whom I identify and not the criminal “Skin Heads”.

        You know who ZOG’s greatest ally is? The “Skin Head” gangs. Anybody who dares question pro-Zionist agendas and policies, anybody who challenges AIPAC, anybody who questions the Holocaust, risks being labeled with association to violent organizations who commit unprovoked acts against African Americans.

        My dislike for saggy pants and gold grills and rap music doesn’t give me the right to bust some Black guy upside the head with a beer bottle when he’s not bothering me.

        Yet if I call into question any anti-American, pro-Israel policy, I’m seen as being just as bad as the guy who puts a Black man on life-support. By the same token, if you bust into my house, I don’t care if you’re from Norway or Germany; you’re going down.

  • SC WOOT!

  • People would like to know why they should vote for Ron Paul, they’d like to know what’s in it for them.

    He’ll cancel NAFTA and GATT putting millions back to work at good paying jobs in the USA.

    He’ll end the Fed and the IRS so you’ll keep more of what you earn.

    He’ll bring the troops home saving countless lives.

    There are *millions of unemployed people* who need to hear this message.

    Ron Paul 2012

    Childish comments and chitchat are better left unsaid.

  • Ron Paul is a crazy old bastard. I hope he dies of a heart attack.

  • Rigged polls! …Ron Paul is really in second place at 28%…

  • American Muslims for Dr Rp 2012

    Please America Vote the man will save the Humanity from murders get paid to kill innocent people

  • American Muslims for Dr Rp 2012

    Please America Vote the man will save the Humanity from murders get paid to kill innocent people

  • I like how the Zionist Blitzer is cut off. Next time, edit out his voice 🙂

  • Morning_tony

    Obama will use this stuff against Romney , even Bring up Jack Abramoff and I bet they even bring Jack Abramoff out for Main Stream media Interviews as you are seeing him in Interviews now on the MSM networks so they are gearing up and you bet they will have him make a big deal out of this during the General Election to Make these claims in these Links even have DoJ Holder make some charges and really get the GOP Romney ticket in a Pinch , Obama will WIN if Romney is GOP Nominee !!!!,-Cronyism-Corruption-Goldman-Sachs-Steals-Wins-Again Delaware District Court Federal Justice) and/or any other persons now known or currently hidden who did benefit, conspire, collude, Intimidate Victim or Witness (such as Scott Henkin, Jack Abramoff and Jack Abramoff’s self proclaimed associate Johann Hamerski who has pursued the demise of the eToys shareholder Robert Alber that did join this whistle blower once the “Smoking Gun” was placed into the public docket) (we have a copy of Congress records documenting that Jack Abramoff’s/ associates did seek to illicitly control the Region 3 US Trustee’s office for the sake of guarantee of Scheme to Fix Fees in violation of 18 USC § 155 Fee Fixing) – This, I Steven “LASER” Haas do testify is True.

  • harishvenkat1976

    Strategy – Nail both Santorum (The Prick) and Newt in SC. Then take on Mitt record and policies. Let’s see how Mitt is going to increase the Defense Spending. Is Mitt going to release his taxes and his Bain Job record??
    During the next debate, Dr. Paul should question how the US is funding the warships going to Iran when 40M people are leaving on Food Stamps!!

  • Best one liner ever:

  • Donate to Ron Paul Lets Make Him Our President !!!!