Ron Paul Surges to 20% in South Carolina

Photo by Gage Skidmore

1. Mitt Romney 29% (-2)
2. Newt Gingrich 25% (+1)
3. Ron Paul 20% (+11)
4. Rick Perry 9% (+7)
5. Rick Santorum 7% (-17)
6. Jon Huntsman 1% (-1)

Ron Paul now polls an even stronger top three in the key early voting state of South Carolina, according to a new survey.

In the latest ARG poll Paul is in third place garnering 20 percent, with Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich in first and second place with 29 and 25 percent, respectively. Other poll highlights include Paul polling strongest of all candidates among independents, and Paul polling strong among Tea Party members.

ARG polled 600 likely Republican primary voters on January 11th and 12th. Since the last poll of its kind taken January 4th to 5th, Paul gained the most – surging from 9 to 20 percent – while Rick Santorum lost the most, freefalling from 24 to 7 percent. In the prior poll, Paul was third at 9 percent, Gingrich and Santorum were tied for second at 24 percent, and Romney with 31 percent was first. Over the life of the ARG poll this presidential cycle, Paul’s support has grown from 1 percent in April when he declared his candidacy to 20 percent, where it is today.

“On the heels of his competitive showings in Iowa and New Hampshire, Ron Paul is now surging in the key early voting state of South Carolina. In a week’s time the congressman’s support in South Carolina has grown tremendously, attributed to the fact that more voters are learning about his platform of limited government and a return to personal and economic liberty,” said Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton.

Photo by Gage Skidmore


  • Just think of all the crisp $100 bills you can write RP 2012 on when then roll out QE3 to bail out the eurozone…

  • Gingrich was higher than Ron Paul.

    It goes beyond any thread, any possible ability that my brain and every single neuron firing rapidly can process how the fucking hell 25% of the people who voted chose this slimy flip flopping corrupt piece of crap. No.. that’s an insult to crap.

    Ron Paul is so consistent throughout his political career, so adamant on his real plans to fix our mess, yet he isn’t winning?

    He should be winning by a monumental landslide. PEOPLE! This is the candidate we need!

  • no fucking way Gingrich got 25%.

  • Jens Jacobsen

    I thought that this address by Ron Paul is essential reading for all American citizens. It outlines his important message as to how the US must get back to its constitution and solve the financial morass that it is enmeshed in. It is vitally important to give this man a hearing and not relegate his efforts to the trash can of history.

    I for one as a non US citizen realise that he is the sole candidate that espouses the logically correct financial path for the USA. Vote Ron Paul for president. With best wishes for 2012.

  • Citizenelect

    Does Ron Paul Support Glass Steagle? We here in Australia support Ron, Paul we had our own banks before the Brit Oligarchy infiltrated and corrupted our polititions. Excactly the same as USA yes Barry aka Obama is a Brit oligarchy Puppet! Retore every nations sovereignty again! ALL nations! Not British Free trade but Fair trade.!! GO RON PAUL.!!

  • NEW ANTI-ROMNEY VIDEO RELEASED ——> watch?v=1qhQ5bwuPKg


  • TenaciousD1990

    Wow, look at all the trolling here… How sad. Why doesn’t the mod get off of his lazy ass and clean this page up? -__-

  • there are 2% missing, or I can’t count to 100 😉

  • Yes but are these polls polling Independents and cross over Democrats? Are they only calling land lines and no cell phones. I would have to think that they are not. If that is the case then RP is ahead a country mile. And lets not forget the SC military which is huge. Also he Dr. Paul can pick up a lot of ground in six days. But we do not need to take anything for granted. If we get them on the ground then we need to finish them off. If you have not donated to the RP campaign then please do.

  • I said in 2008 that Ron Paul would get 80% of the vote in 8 years. Well it’s been 4 years, and Ron Paul is getting 50% of the 18-29 year old vote! He’s hitting monster numbers. Now what’s wrong with the 30-somethings like me? Wake up folks! Liberty is good enough for everyone!

  • The march for Liberty continues! Ron Paul 2012!

  • We all know people who’re unemployed. The real unemployment rate is about 23%. Being without a job is a painful experience and can be life threatening. If we want Romney or Obama to create jobs, it’s going to be working for the TSA, forcefully sticking their hands down your pants at the airport, mall or on the highway.

    Ron Paul is the only candidate who’ll create good paying jobs in the private sector by canceling NAFTA and GATT.

    We don’t need more government thugs.

    Ron Paul 2012


  • AngelEyes

    Mitt is a liar and a Corporatist. He’s no better than hiring the CEO of Goldman Sachs himself. After all, Goldman Sachs supported Obama…. It’s funny how Mitt calls Corporations people… Asshole and a liar… People need to do some work, like actually investigate whom they’re voting for. What a bunch of losers… Why not find out what who your voting for and who you “aren’t ” have to say and their records? The internet is free still ! No excuses people ! SAY WHAT YOU WANT BUT NONE OF IT MATTERS IF YOU WON’T INVESTIGATE IT FOR YOURSELF! EXPLAINS IT ALL REALLY ! ha 😀 REALLY SAD… INTELLECTUALLY… 🙁

    • @AngelEyes No argument here.

      • AngelEyes

        I’m surprised you could understand me, too much tequila tonight. You need to tell your people to stop hating Mexicans, we are what we are thanks to the system and some of us even supported you at one time, something you won’t hear much these days… wtf. Make peace with us and you’ll have what you want regardless of who get’s in…

      • AngelEyes

        Mexico used to be a great Nation and Proud, now we have crooks and shitty plumbing…. Our Nation is poor and hateful against even our own… That’s what happen’s when our not of the USA/Israel agenda… Why don’t you realize back in the old days Whites used to ask the fathers if they could marry their Mexican Daughters ? Most of the time they said yes! There was no hate! Only want for our respect and our traditions ! No fucking and leaving them pregnent with a mixed baby and no father! What have the USA done? Taken “New MExico” “California” “Nevada” so on… wtf… We can make peace, why doesn’t your people try? ….

      • AngelEyes

        Why should Mexicans put up with a failed lying system you Americans put up with? The money’s only going to the bankers and liars? Why don’t you do what we do? Don’t submit! WTF grow a pair and stand up to them ! Why give them your money? Fuck them! You hate us because you can’t see we are the same but don’t take the shit….. You just throw us away and get us to hate you, we have principals and morals and a strong family and christian tradition… We supported Germany in WW1 and WW2… What is wrong with you? Make Peace and be sincere it may take time but we can help….

      • AngelEyes

        @Triumph des Willens 1488 Has America ever given a shit about Mexico? No… Atf gave weapons to us in the Fast and Furious program… Wtf, the UN is shit it’s a trick and the AtF is scum, they want to take your right to defend yourself… Drug laws are crimminal, Drug lords are the same as the Mafia and the Prohibition era, it’s a scam and the Atf are death squads… It’s a joke.

      • AngelEyes

        @Triumph des Willens 1488 Look at Waco, Koresh was called a child Molester? that fits with the usual govt agenda, calling anyone anti a child molester or rapist. The ATF started all those buildings on fire after they “exposed themselves” “flipped the bird” and “spat at ” the waco people. 78 Christians where killed, men, women, and infants… Gassed for 5 hours… wtf…. and then the Atf burned the building down… watch : Waco-A New Revelation

        Bet you didn’t expect a spick to know about that… Make peace, where in suffering., Why do you people act the way you do? This is the last and only plea I will give you. I’m sure you understand…

      • @AngelEyes Well, there was no evidence that he was a child molester and the current Davidians point out that he had some polygamist views. The Branch Davidians have a common thread with the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the religion in which I was raised-they’re both breakaway groups from the Seventh Day Adventists and all three faiths believe in obeying secular authorities so long as they’re not ordered to do something which violates what they perceive as “God’s law”. The difference between the two splinters is that Jehovah’s Witnesses are pacifists and the Davidians were prepared to defend themselves in armed conflict.

        They could have avoided the fiery climax of the standoff, however if not the whole siege.


        The Police at the local, state and Federal level have the right to ensure the safety of others, especially children, even if it means that poor little you or I have to be inconvenienced for a bit.

        Having said that, what the Feds did was reprehensible. They induced, if not entrapped, Davidians into converting some firearms to full-auto and sawing off a shotgun barrel and that gave them probable cause to secure a warrant on the Davidian compound.

        In the final analysis, the Davidians chose to take the life of an ATF agent rather than open the door when they were LAWFULLY ordered to do so. If they had nothing to hide, all they had to do was allow the Police to determine the well-being of the minors.

        Instead, they chose a Jim Jones/People’s Temple endgame.

      • AngelEyes

        @Triumph des Willens 1488 Did you watch the video?

        Waco- A New Revelation

      • AngelEyes

        @Triumph des Willens 1488 They didn’t have any unlawful firearms and they where shot at by satans zionist army before they got a chance to do anything… watch the vid, please.

      • AngelEyes

        @Triumph des Willens 1488 Fuck it here :

      • @AngelEyes They didn’t have an arsenal of illegal firearms, they had lawful weapons. However, a Davidian did make the mistake of making those unlawful conversions.

      • AngelEyes

        @Triumph des Willens 1488 No no no no watch it pls.

      • AngelEyes
      • AngelEyes

        @Triumph des Willens 1488 Don’t do anything stupid, you need to educate people of this, save this vid and make a difference.

      • AngelEyes
  • AngelEyes

    I’m a Latino and I just love Ron Paul ! He’s the only white guy I trust as El Presidente ! 😀

    • AngelEyes

      Ps I like Ron Paul as a man, he’s a better man than me! 🙂 He deserves to lead this country ! Fuck the Fed and the Haters and Warmongers ! Fuck the Propagandists ! Ron Paul 2012 !


    To the Americans from an Irishman about the Obama’s “Osama’s” NDAA Bill.

    Armoured cars and tanks and guns Came to take away our sons But every man must stand behind The men behind the wire Through the little streets of Belfast In the dark of early morn British soldiers came marauding Wrecking little homes with scorn Heedless of the crying children Cragging fathers from their beds Beating sons while helpless mothers Watched the blood poor from their heads Not for them a judge and jury Nor indeed a trial at all But being Irish means you´re guilty So we´re guilty one and all Round the world the truth will echo Cromwell´s men are here again England´s name again is sullied In the eyes of honest men. Proud we march behind our banner Firm we´ll stand behind our men We will have them free to help us Build a nation once again On the people step together Proudly firmly on their way Never fear never falter Till the boys are home to stay

    • AngelEyes

      @IRISH REPUBLICANCSM32 Damn, I never heard of that. Thanks for posting, Irish people are like Mexican Americans, we’ve been treated like shit. Damn I have never heard of that shit before, way to go US media… Way to go about Ron Paul too. Pricks.

  • SeanOFarrell

    @We’re in VT too This isn’t a place to debate what you can’t understand or don’t know, this is what Ron Paul is about. I’m not attacking you but this isn’t about everything else we don’t know about yet. This is a Ron Paul site so talk about him and support him, don’t get into the divide and conquer campaign against him. Be for Ron Paul and that’s it. Any corruption or anything else will be eliminated after Ron Paul is President. Don’t be distracted and don’t bring any more contraversy to Ron.

  • Romney & Gingrich’s poll numbers are fake. Ron Paul is way ahead of them in South Carolina!

  • Romney is in the lead, like 9 out of 10 doctors recomend the Ronco home brain surgery kit for just 4 easy payments of 39.99. And if you order now, you get the Obama debt ceiling apple pie tray, absolutely free.