Sen. Tom Davis Endorses Ron Paul for President

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“It’s easy to campaign on lower taxes, less spending and fewer regulations – it’s another thing entirely to stand up for these limited government principles when the entire Washington establishment is aligned against you. Yet for more than three decades Ron Paul has cast thousands of lonely votes in our nation’s capital based on the constitutional principles that this country was founded on – and that the Republican Party has promised to protect. Yet while generations of politicians – including far too many Republicans – were losing their way or caving to the status quo, Ron Paul was standing as a Tea Party of one against a towering wave of red ink.

2012 marks the fifth consecutive year in which the federal government is going to spend well over $1 trillion in money it doesn’t have. Each and every American taxpayer is now on the hook for $135,000 worth of federal debt – and last year’s debt deal adds another $7 trillion in deficit spending over the coming decade. Meanwhile the U.S. Senate hasn’t passed a budget in nearly 1,000 days.

I’m endorsing Ron Paul because enough is enough. Despite this wave of unprecedented government spending, our unemployment rate has remained above 8 percent for the last 34 months and 146.4 million Americans – one out of every two people in this country – are now classified as poor or low-income.

Government activism and government intervention clearly hasn’t fixed our economy – which is why the Republican Party needs a nominee who isn’t wedded to that failed approach. We won’t chart a path to fiscal solvency or victory in November by running toward the failed ideas of the left – we will achieve those victories by returning to the principles that the Republican Party once stood for.

That is why I am proud to endorse Ron Paul for president.

Ron Paul’s record matches his rhetoric, his fiscal plan matches the fiscal challenges that our nation is facing and his movement represents the taxpayers whose interests have been ignored in the political process for far too long.

I’m also endorsing him because unlike what the pundits have led you to believe, he is the candidate who gives the Republican Party the best chance to beat Barack Obama in November.

We have a choice: We can keep electing candidates who talk about change only during political campaigns as a way to get elected, or we can finally elect a candidate who will walk the walk and make that change a reality – restoring our bottom line, our individual liberties and our national pride in the process.”

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  • Paul scores sought-after endorsement in South Carolina & no main-stream media is reporting it…WTF!!!

  • Paul scores sought-after endorsement in South Carolina & no main-stream media is reporting it…WTF!!!

  • he is like amazing

  • awesome

  • Down with the TERMINATORS, and up with the HEALER! DOCTOR RON PAUL !!!
    Let him doctor this country; he is doing a great job !

  • they don’t show or talk about this on the news.
    NEWS… what a joke… we don’t have NEWS in this country, we have just barking spinners who bark all the day long as they are told. No brains, no souls, no morality, no interest for the truth or knowledge…. just puppets manipulated by the “elite” controlling the world.

  • We are lucky to hear this Patriot! I haven’t heard/read words like this since the time of the Revolution! Paul Revere and Patrick Henry reborn into this man!

  • Ron Paul is amazing…

  • Scott R

    And how does that compare to Obama’s Christmas vacation he took that used TAX PAYER MONEY for a good measure? I know if I was flying as much as Paul to spread this message I’d upgrade as well. I donated to Paul and have no problem with this. Also, how does 10’s of thousands compare to the 15 trillion debt that the other choices don’t care about? You sound like you took a page out of the USSR. We can not have freedom and equality.

  • Now that’s what I call a speech..straight from the heart, no TelePrompTer

  • I never really watched politics and then I started noticing all the Ron Paul videos and decided to observe his view. After watching Ron Paul, now I follow all the debates. In my mind it seems like Ron Paul is going to take it all the way.. but what happens when someone tries to pull a fast one like in 2010 when “Illinois officials miss the deadline to mail military ballots” or something like the controversies on the 2004 election. I think someone is going to try to pull a fast one..What then??

  • God damn it is nice to hear an American in office with not only principles but balls. FREEDOM IS IN EVERY AMERICANS DNA. Fucking brilliant.

  • Thanks to Sen Davis, everyone, think about what’s right, support Ron Paul.

  • It’s so stupid to endose anyone just because he is going to win!
    You endose the person you agreed with the policy he is running on, know the policy and not the chances of winning!
    By the way, who are you to decide who will win or not?
    Ron Paul 2012!!! President Ron Paul !!!!


  • like a boss! Ron Paul 2012!

  • Man, if only we had more Senators like Tom Davis and Rand Paul. Our outlook would be so much more optimistic. Davis really came through, standing for what is truly right and on principal against the establishment knowing that he is going to take serious heat for it takes some guts.

  • 2012, back up and look at it.That might help.

  • 2012, back up and look at it.That might help.

  • We’re in VT too

    Tom Davis for Vice President!