Poll: Who Won the FOX News and GOP of South Carolina Debate?

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  1. Come on into the Dr. Usa trap, um... office. Here let me take your heavy satchel. I can take care of that...over here with the oth.... What's in here? You don't say; your investment portfolio, your bank book, your mortgage papers, your health records; some cash? Here, take a seat. Wait minute, wait a minute, there is something in your back pocket. Your bulging wallet. Shouldn't sit on that; bad on the back, bad on the back. Let's put that over here for safe-keeping. Don't worry, don't worry, it's safe over here with the rest of my suckers', um... I mean, patients' assets, um... I mean wallets. You're a lucky man. Had suckers, um... I mean, patients come in previously with puny card board boxes and thin or no wallets. Couldn't help 'em, couldn't help 'em. Sent 'em up the road to do some unsavory errands; a little dangerous, but honorable. Maybe if they come back, maybe I'll be able to help 'em maybe. OK, now sit down. Comfy? What's that shiny thing; a pocket watch? May I hold it? While you relax, I'll put it over here with the rest of my, um...I mean your assets, um...I mean shiny, um... I mean. Anyway, what's on your mind? Wait a minute, wait a minute, let's remove your shirt...I'll put it over here with the rest of... There now, let Uncle Usa massage your shoulders. Got a few knots here. Does that feel good? Wow, just happened to notice, your spine...looks a little puny. May I touch it? Yeah definitely weak and puny. Let's see what I can do fer ya. Some hypnosis...that almost always works. Here, I'll use your watch. Watch it closely while I spin and swing. You are getting very sheepy, um...sleepy. Now...when I snap my fingers, open your eyes and you will be a sheep. Snap! Whacha gotta say? BAAH! Joanne Renshaw - Colonial Heights, VA


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  2. What is the model for choosing our interventions, military or otherwise? Is it the Superman model "Truth, justice, and the American way"?; or the Pledge of Allegiance "liberty and justice for all"?; or Matthew 7:12 "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you"? (debate S.C. audience did not like that one). I contend that it is "we call dibs".


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