Possible November Showdown: Ron Paul 46%, Obama 48%

  • I hate this damned attitude that anti-establishment candidates “steal” our vote from democrats or republicans. Our votes don’t belong to these two stinking parties.

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  • bad thing they didnt actualy remided – that ron paul knows that he cant get rid of fed in 1 day and he is proposing a transition

  • Black vp candidate is a must, unfortunately. Who could that be? Herman Cain?

  • RON PAUL is not radical, he is nuts. A person telling the truth is radical, a politician telling the truth is nuts. GO RON PAUL!!!

  • “…I’m not just trying to get elected; I’m trying to change the course of history…”
    Ron Paul

  • RON 😛

  • Nice coverage… pretty positive. It’s worth mentioning cos it’s not so common (and kudos to the three youngs as well).

  • What I sadly noticed in New Hampshire was that as a gender statistic the ratio of Romney to Ron Paul votes among women far exceeded than that of men.

    Women was about 20% for Paul and 40% for Romney whereas men voted around the 25% mark for Paul and 35% for Romney.

    What I’m afraid of here is that women are voting based on instinctive good (or better) looks; more of a husband/father figure; overall charisma. And they do so while completely or partially missing the issues.


  • momma didn’t raise no fool, respect your elders

  • Ron Paul is the only person running for President so vote for him, not sure what the others are running for

  • the older the better!!!!! 🙂

  • I love these kids!

  • How old is this girl? The CNN salesperson? She doesn’t look older than 30? What’s the difference.

  • What the insanity is to keep bailing out the rest of the world, starting wars in other countries that did not ask us to help them. We don’t have the money. We can’t give from an empty bucket.

  • The Status Quo is insanity… USA is bankrupt,, and the older generation is responsible for it,, shame on them,, and now the young people is trying to fix it…

  • I like Ron cause he’s the only guy i TRUST! Fuck the MS media!

  • If Ron Paul doesn’t win, just leave the USA.

  • Florida 8% ??? WTF is wrong with Florida!!