Possible November Showdown: Ron Paul 46%, Obama 48%

  • All scared American fear mongering warmongers are skeptical of RON PAUL.


  • Wow, tons of “gotcha” questions… time after time… and they handled those questions admirably!

    What I don’t get is why the youth don’t say anything about the debt in terms of “hey, that social security that old people are fighting for? Yeah, we’re not gonna see a DIME of any of our contributions if things aren’t fixed or changed… we’re paying in to a broke system that MUST be fixed if we’re gonna get anything out of it by the time we retire!”

  • I’m really impressed with these kids. I assumed because they were pretty young that they would sound like morons, but they had a lot of intelligent things to say. The girl was kind of marble-mouthed, though.

  • Democrats would love to vote for Obomney , Santanrum or Nuke for nominee instead of Ron Paul because Obama can out debate the clowns – can’t you see they will SELECT your next PIMP for you? a clear hint is they can tell you who is unelectable before people vote they can tell you who’s your next PIMP Lol – If you don’t know who to vote for by now PLEASE for our children’s sake don’t vote. A VOTE FOR Obomney is two votes for Obama.

  • his age is irrelevant. He is the best candidate, with the best policies.

    In fact, if anything, his age is a benefit, as he is more mature, wiser, balanced and experienced – making him more qualified.

  • South Carolina is going to ruin it

    Florida = dumbass


  • Is Mitt Romney going to run as a 3rd candidate if he doesn’t get the nomination?

  • “Cutting a trillion a year is insanity” It was raised by more than that in one year. THAT’S INSANITY.

  • I love this video; the students being interviewed are quite professional and clearly knowledgable about the candidates. More people need to see this, it would help snuff out some rumors that Ron Paul supporters are uninformed and stupid.
    Don’t vote for Obama out of spite if he doesn’t get the GOP nomination– write RP’s name in, don’t succumb to voting for the “lesser of two evils!”

  • There is a Ron Paul supporter who is also a West Point Grad/Army Ranger who needs your help. He took pictures of cops abusing 2 women, and was falsely charged because of his actions. Search Youtube for the story. It’s right here on Youtube. Find us on Facebook at “Free Antonio Buehler” to show your support, learn how to help, and stay updated.

  • That is not irony, it’s an observation.

  • Everybody, just like buddy said, write RON PAUL in even if he loses nomination.

  • I’m a 52 year old Jurassic Conservative/semi-retired pilot/Ron Paul supporter.

    I know a lot of folks, Left and Right, from every walk of life. The older folks are, the less likely they are to support Dr. Paul. This confused me for a while. Then, during a discussion of issues with friends, it dawned on me.

    The older folks are comfortable with repression, and truly fear the notions of liberty/personal responsibility.

    They gave us socialism, and the kids want to give it back.

    Hurray Kids !

  • its either ron or nobody for me.

  • Why does the media always have to make it about the young and old? I’m 48, a registered Democrat and will be voting for and if necessary writing in RP for President.

  • If he is not nominated i will write his name
    why don’t they see he is for these presstitutes too?

  • The only thing that is insane is that this bitch is still on air pedling the status quo

  • “My vote doesn’t belong to the Democrats or the Republicans, my vote belongs to me.” HELL YEAH!!!

  • i’d vote if i could but I’m overseas! Go Ron!!! 🙂