Possible November Showdown: Ron Paul 46%, Obama 48%

  • According to Wikipedia, Erin Burnett’s previous employer was Goldman Sachs.

  • It’s amazing how people are so brainwashed by the media, one day the people in the fed reserve and the people running the big banks and their puppets in the media will all answer to a judge they can not buy. They will be shown their new home where their MASTER lives.
    Ron Paul is the only one not controled by the fed and the big banks


  • Tom Davis now endorses Ron Paul for President !


  • Tom Davis now endorses Ron Paul for President !


  • Is Erin that freaking stupid….gee whiz. I guess going to dinner at chi chi restaurants with her retard liberal friends has really melted her baby brain.

  • ScrappyDoo

    Eh..wait till the media starts telling people about RP’s floor speech on the Civil Rights Act of 1964. RP is right, of course. But when people hear that he voted not to honor this piece of legislation, no matter what his reasoning is, he will be called a racist.

    Here’s what you Paul fans don’t understand. You think your man can beat Obama? Not likely. Thus far, Ron Paul has gotten very favorable news coverage from the liberal media, because they essentially agree with him on issues such as the War on Terror, the War on Drugs, etc. In fact, as much as they like Obama–and they do–he hasn’t done enough, in their minds, to close Gitmo, lose the war in Afghanistan, etc. So they do like Paul in that regard, and also because he’s the Republican gadfly.

    But if Ron Paul were to ever win the nomination–not likely at this point–we would see the end to favorable coverage. Remember how much they like RINO McCain until he got the nomination? Lesson learned: the liberal media likes the most liberal Republican in any race, but in the end they will always support the liberal Democrat. Liberal republicans can count on the media’s support in the primary but not in the general.

    If RP were ever to be the Republican nominee, all we would ever hear about is how he opposes the Civil Rights Act of 1964. That’s fine by me because I do too. If Ron Paul were really as courageous as he thinks he is, he would be out their on the campaign trail pounding that one, explaining to people why the law is unconstitutional and an affront to liberty, changing minds. But he doesn’t do that because he thinks it would be better if he kept some of his positions hidden from public view. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is kind of a third rail of politics. Don’t touch it.

  • Erin hangin for her JOB…

  • The reason there is so many Young voters is because most young people use the internet, and internet is where you find the truth, people older than lets say 30 dont use the interent that much , therefore many older people are still being brainwashed by the media, so spread the word and tell people to do there research.

    Im from the uk and unable to vote but i still do my research.So stop being lazy, do some research and vote for Ron Paul.

  • She took the harder, tougher questions to the girl who wasn’t very vocal. The only one who would probably nail the questions the best (Trip Davis) she had wanted to only know what was his other candidate.


    Calling a candidate who wants to stop wasting citizen money on foreign lands crazy? Are YOU crazy?


  • I’m SOOOOOO proud of the R3VOL youth!

    so articulate, so informed!

    these kids are so versed, hell they can even be spokespersons.

  • I’m “skeptical” about Ron Paul. I LIKE the IRS stealing half my income to pay the usurious interest to the privately owned FED. I LIKE seeing thousands of Americans cheer and wave flags as they send their own children to die – for NOTHING. I LIKE the IRS stealing from me to bail out failed industries and greedy banks that made horrible investments knowing they couldn’t lose. I LIKE my children STARVING while the banksters get ever fatter and richer.

  • Statistics are showing that youtube, facebook, and file sharing support has been dropping for Ron Paul, lets keep up the support everyone! Like, Share, Sub, Comment, and most importantly- talk about Ron Paul outside of the internet!!! We can still do this, don’t let phony and misleading polls fool us….It ain’t over til its over….RON PAUL 2012 ALWAYS!!!!!

  • YES!!! was way too long to display our children as ones who know only about Hollyweird etc. but as our children, young people who have more intelligence than we older ones!!! what an awesome young 3 people are here…, YES!!! if not Dr. Ron Paul then NO vote for anyone at all, NO vote, thats patriotic…. Ron Paul 2012 !

  • Paul’s age is irrelevant. The young of this country have fresh educated minds, where older generations have been programmed to accept the corporate protectionists agenda. It is one thing to learn from our elders, it is another for our older to learn from our younger.

  • Seriously, who are the idiots still voting for Gingrich???? Having to pay OVER $300,000 in fines for ETHICS violations while in office, cheating on MULTIPLE wives, who the hell is that stupid, to think he’d be a good President???


  • Ron Paul is the Seal of the Prophets for the United States of America! Ignore him at your own peril.

  • If RP doesn’t win the nomination, vote Libertarian!

  • I have no doubt that Ron Paul has what it takes to make things right. I wonder though, would voting for this man be like sending him to his death?. I pray Ron Paul becomes president, not just for the sake of America, but the for rest of the world. However, I dont trust the real establishment, (shadow government). I even expect them to take him out and some point. Lets hope the Military have Rons back, they love him and should protect him – he is trying to protect them. Ron Paul 2012!!!!

  • moxy didn’t post last night’s debate… where is it at? anybody?