Ron Paul Highlights at the Fox News / GOP of South Carolina Debate

  • I am a Muslim who believes in armed Jihad against all oppressive entities, as long as non-combatants are unharmed. 9/11 was an inside job. Vote for Ron Paul.


  • The thought process of GOP leadership: “Let’s see who answered and dodged questions for the night. It looks like Ron Paul answered them all and Mitt Romney was seen as dodging them all… Romney’s our guy!”

  • How in the world did we not elect Ron Paul? Sad, that our system seems so broken.

  • yes, I fraud is a f*cked up reality..

  • he wasn’t elected, it was rigged.

  • Santorum 15:29 LOL

  • Santorum 15:29 LOL

  • Ron Paul is the $h!t.

  • Ron Paul is the $h!t.

  • hahaha South Carolina booing the Golden Rule.

  • the pinnacle of arrogance of some people..

  • the people who were booing in the crowd are the ones, who elect these war mongering, imperialistic, corporatist, new world order, puppet candidates, who are ripping the U.S apart..